The Classics

These posts have generated the most hits here at …life’s about a dream.


Time For a Cool Change–Our announcement of TWO new family members…a VW Routan and a baby!

Frack=Yoda–At one point, some silly Googlebot caught wind of this post and made it the first image when you Google “Yoda”.  There have been 5000+ hits on this post alone because of that.  I wrote a letter to the Yoda Seekers because no one was commenting.  Boo!  Hiss!

Welcome Rosie–The birth announcement of a favorite appliance…my robot vacuum.  Oh the joy!

Climbing 201–Boys.  Boys do things.  Like climb.  On window treatments.  Sheesh.

Following Suit–One of those times your kid says something, but you hear something else.

Sweet Little Frog and Newborn Photos–Frog’s bloggy birth announcement and the newborn photo session that was complete with cuteness and poop.

Bedtime Prayers–This is our favorite bedtime prayer, Angel of God, with a twist.

Help!–I shouldn’t be surprised that this post is popular.  Meals and children…always an interesting mix.

Photo Caption Call–Me and my big mouth.  Nuff said.

Help Wanted!–During our renovation process, this post was my plea for help to the internets.  I don’t care what anyone says.  Picking paint colors is stressful.  So I asked everyone else to do it for me.  It worked.

The Big Reveal–The results of Help Wanted!.

Tacky or Frugal?–Using leftover wedding napkins.  Tacky or Frugal?  Talk amongst yourselves.

Open Can O’ Worms— Uncle B’s plight to have Frick and Frack changed to Fred and Barney.

I smelled a llama because Big Bird said to and he’s my leader.–A very fun ‘game’ to mess around with when you are bored.  If that ever happens.

Under His Wing–Potty training at its best.

Slippery Stuff–More potty stuff.

One of God’s Many Gifts–My sweet dream of my grandparents visiting my children.

Susie Homemaker…err…Not-so-much–The ABC’s of Homemaking.  You’ll see just how bad I am at this.

Gadgets on my iGoogle Page–Do you have one of these?  You need one!!  My page is donned in Clemson colors!!


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