Wordful Wednesday: Crawling. Kind of.

See Frog.

See Frog REALLY mad.

Sweet Little Frog is perturbed because he can’t seem to figure out how to crawl forwards.

Only backwards.

A for effort,

C for content.

But he sure can turn on the smiles….

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Wordful Wednesday: Car Wash

I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time, but this picture definitely warrants waking up out of WW hibernation.

While I was washing the boys clothes yesterday, the washer kept making funny sounds.  I chalked it up to the washer acting up again, like it did HERE.

The cycle finished and I moved the wet clothes to the dryer.

And this is what was in the bottom of the washer:

Looks like Lightning McQueen and pals got a car wash courtesy of Frick’s pant pockets.

Note to self: Better start checking pockets for cars.

Ah…life with boys.

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Wordful Wednesday




Does anyone else remember SNL’s Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy?

Sometimes they were so off the wall and other times they were hysterical.


 Frick attempted to make his Deep Thought known at dinner the other night.



If you don’t have a tummy, food will come out ever-y-where.





Any Deep Thoughts you would like to share?


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Wordful Wednesday



Frick has a stuffed frog by JellyCat. He named that frog Doo Doo when he was 18 months old.

A friend had the very same frog for her son.  He never took a liking to it.  Out of generosity, she passed it along to us.  So now we have

Doo Doo 1


Doo Doo 2.

The Doo Doos.

We just can’t seem to shake those potty words.


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Wordful Wednesday

Reminder to those with children in Pull Ups:

The outer side of the Pull Up is not absorbent.  


Not absorbent AT.ALL.


Please remind your children (and my child as well) to refrain from reversing the Pull Up when he or she should be sleeping.  If a reverse occurs, be prepared for some heavy duty cleaning of a dry-clean only comforter.  



Wordful Wednesday


Frick enjoys cracking himself up.

Case in point:


Please ignore the backdrop.  

That would be my laundry room.

I had to sit on the washer to prevent it from dancing across the floor.

Frick and Frack thought it was funny.


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Wordful Wednesday



I actually have no words other than…

I love this picture.



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