Myrtle Beach 2011

We trucked it to Myrtle for a quick getaway with Uncle B, Aunt D, and the kids.

The weather?  Perfect–in the 70s.

The pools?  Heated.

The beach?  Awesome.  No sweating whatsoever.

A far cry from our July Hilton Head trips.

Our time with family?  Priceless.

And Clemson won in a nail biter, too.

I haven’t mentioned that Clemson is 7-0 this season.  What unfamiliar and exciting territory we roam!!

Some pictures of my growing boys and nephews:


Just Hangin' Out with Frick

80s Cover Album

The Whole Boy Band

We missed you Nini and Pops!


Great and Not So Great


My ΑΧΩ reunion was this weekend.  

It was great to see my freshman and junior year roommate, her husband, and sweet children.

It was great getting upgraded to the honeymoon suite at the inn in Charleston.

It was not so great that the room was directly above the lobby.

It was great seeing wonderful friends from long ago!

It was not so great when we thought someone moved our bed into the nearest club at 2:00am.

It was not so great listening to loud music and drunken voices just below our bed for two hours straight.

It was not so great having to call the front desk two times.

It was great to finally fall back asleep at 4:30am.

It was REALLY great to have the room refunded and our parking garage charge waived.






Weekend Wrap-Up


Partied like rock stars at BP’s work shindig all day long.

Up on Sunday at 6am for Mass.

Took the kids to breakfast.

Went to the old church for a baptism.

Ate lunch with the baptized baby’s family.

Squashed any thoughts of a nap for Frick and Frack.

Jumped at the inflatable place for a birthday party.

Dragged ourselves into the house for a light dinner.

Bathed Frick and Frack quickly.

Tucked them in at 7:00pm.



Holy cow.  I am tired.





Looney Tunes

It’s official.  We are looney.  Stark raving mad.  We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday for lunch and fun.  It was a rather spur of the moment decision–I think that is the only way an adult can stomach the Mecca for Kids on a Saturday morning.  Looney I tell ya.

My parents came over to Looneyville Saturday night to play and watch what Frick calls “China” (the Olympics to most).  Men’s Gymnastics was on tap and Frick began to mimic the gymnasts on the pommel horse.  He used a stool, twirled around it and then dismounted with his arms up above the head.  We have videos, but they came out dark.  BP the Computer Geek is working on getting those brighter for your viewing enjoyment.

Totally unrelated:

During a random conversation about marriage certificates, I reminisced about how it cost me $35 to get one for our wedding in 2000.  BP made quite an accurate assessment since I paid for the certificate.




The Boys

We spent last night with our friends and let the boys have some fun.  Those out there with only girls will be happy to know that boys are just as dramatic (if not more) as their counterparts.  Frick sat in time out because he wouldn’t eat his pasta.  He basically screamed and cried and then gagged when he actually took a bite.  What drama.

Please tell me how three families manage to have 6 boys all under the age of 4?!?  ALL BOYS!!  We somehow finagled them all on the couch for a picture:

Frick, Frack, B, Baby B, P, and Wilbur

R & R at the B & B

BP and I got away. We escaped the madness and went to Savannah while Granny B watched Frick and Frack. Oh, it was so fun being able to just go and do as we pleased!! We stayed at a terrific Bed and Breakfast (click the photo for the link) and spent our days walking the entire city. We took ghost tours, house tours, and toured River Street (with drink in hand!!). It was great. Sunday morning found us at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Breathtaking. And that was just Mass.

BP took this. I’d say he’s got an eye for beauty. He married me, after all!! 🙂

Sweet Treats

“Mommy…I more!!”

“Yah, wee (slide) weally fun!!”

“Man, this is delicious!”

“I just love icing.”

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