I Think I’ll Move to Australia.


One of my passions is children’s literature.  Being a teacher, I have a vast library of books that I love to read to my students and my own children.  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is a staple here during bed time at The Money Pit.  There are five other books in Judith Viorst’s Alexander series, but this is my favorite.

It’s no wonder that my children can recite the thing.  If YOU are at all familiar with this book, you will notice our dialog came straight from the pages:



Frick cried and cried after I walked out of his room during nap time.  I took care of some chores and checked on him again.  His crying had not subsided.  I open the door and sat next to him.

Frick: (while sobbing) I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!  I think I’ll move to Australia!

Me: Some days are like that. 

Frick:  (smiling) Even in Australia.





Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?


I slipped (after I scrubbed and mopped the floor) in the bathroom.  

One arm landed IN the toilet–THANK GOD it was just cleaned.

One foot was rammed into the tub.





Frick:  Can I have french fries for dinner?

Me:  No, we are having oven baked potatoes.  They are kind of like fries.

Frick:  Hmmm….potatoes.  Oh, I had potatoes a few days ago.  I don’t need any more.




Frack still amazes me with his sleeping positions…




Notice he still has the goose egg from Halloween.



Go Tigers!

Beat FSU!





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He Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express…

Can someone please tell me how this is comfortable???




Frack has one arm out of his shirt and he lost his pants.

But he slept for three hours like this.


And boy, was he a vibrant one this evening!





Angie's Circus

for this week’s Wordful Wednesday.

Sleep Repose?


This is how I found Frick when he FINALLY decided he was tired enough for his nap.  That would be one hour and thirty-eight minutes after we started the process.  Just so you know, when I left the room after I  checked on him for the 18th time, he was in his bed.  


Sweet Dreams

Ahhhh….nap time. The Fix It Guys are working on another job today, so my angels get to sleep. Notice any similarities?? BOTH boys took Cars to bed today.


My mom and dad have been helping out this week with my oral surgery and the boys. Mom made dinner for us while I dozed on the couch in La-La Land. I mustered enough energy to tuck the boys in bed (my favorite part of the night). Mom and Frick were telling stories about all sorts of things…one being monsters. Below is what transpired:

Nini: You don’t need to be afraid of monsters. There aren’t any here.

Frick: I know, Nini. Jesus takes care of me.

Nini: How does Jesus take care of you?

Frick: He’s in my heart.

Man. Talk about getting teary!

Bedtime Prayers

I could not resist posting this! Since this blog serves as a virtual baby book, I felt compelled to write it down.

When I was a little girl, I used to say a prayer at bedtime called, “Angel of God”. It says:

Angel of God, my Guardian Dear
God’s love for me has sent you here.
Ever this day, be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

I have always believed in guardian angels and the thought of having one watch over me especially at bedtime made falling asleep a little easier. Since having children, part of our bedtime routine is to say this prayer, to pass along the same aura of comfort I felt. I was tucking the boys into bed just a little while ago. It was time to say our prayers and Frick said, “It’s time for ‘Staybe'”. Staybe? What in the world?? After saying the prayer out loud with the boys, I realized that Staybe was the sound of the third line all jumbled up together…”Ever this day be at my side”. It’s kinda like LMNOP in the alphabet. People say those letters so fast, they come out as one sound. Frick hooked onto those sounds in the prayer and named it! Man, kids are cool.

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