January Birchbox

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the best gifts of Christmas was a Birchbox subscription.

To recap, when you subscribe to Birchbox, you receive 4-5 beauty samples each month (there are various subscription choices, I chose the $10/month).  You then fill out a beauty profile based on your skin tones, hair color, age, etc.  Your box is customized to you!  Points can be earned when you buy products on the website or gift a subscription to someone.  For every 100 points earned, you receive $10 off whatever products you buy off their website.

My first one arrived today!

It included these samples:

*Miracle Skin Transformer (a concealer)

*VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Eye Serum (Whoop! Whoop!  Those crows feet are getting out of control!)

*Zoya Nailpolish in Megan (a lavender/grayish color, which actually is quite cute.)

*Juicy Couture perfume (Yum!)

*Witchcraft Granola

There also was a card regarding “detoxes” for your mind, relationships, closet, diet, and bathroom cabinet as well as a magnet to “keep the list handy”.



Easy Lunchboxes

Staying true to form, I have found another inanimate object to obsess over  (i.e. my Roomba, Pancake Puff pan, NetiPot, Keurig, PlasmaCar, and Whirlpool washer/dryer).

image from amazon.com


BPA free.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Simply marvelous.

Check out Easy Lunchboxes for ordering and lunch recipes/ideas.

I ordered 2 sets of 4 boxes and we’ve used them religiously since the day the UPS man delivered them.

This is not an official product review, it’s just me showing a little love to something that’s making my lunch packing easier.

And me adding another shameless plug to my ever growing list.

Meet Pete and Sally

The days on sitting upon my washer to keep it from dancing across the laundry room are over.

Meet Pete and Sally:

Pete and Sally arrived at my house Saturday.

Pete and Sally are my new children Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer.

Thank you, Uncle Sam and Cash for Clunkers.

I have never been more excited to do laundry in my life.

I am left pondering these thoughts:

1.  How long will the ‘fun’ last?  (Any guesses mamalaundry?)  🙂

2.  Why do I continue to name household cleaning items?

Night Owl

It was 3:34am and what was I doing?

Feeding a baby

and wanting watching this product’s informercial:

The Ninja Master Prep is so cool!  It chops, mixes, and blends!

Then I flipped channels and saw the Amish Fireplace:

I am always complaining of being cold.  This portable fire place is said to really put out some heat!  My cold, old house is perfect for this!  But it’s kind of expensive and is being blasted by some, so I thought a Snuggie would keep me warm for much less money:

Santa was supposed to bring me a Snuggie, but he apparently didn’t have room on his sleigh for it.  By the way…does anyone else crack up at the dude on the Snuggie commercial?

The next channel had this pretty cool bag/purse:

but who am I kidding…I carry the ULTIMATE “carry all” bag…the diaper bag.  I am pretty positive all the baby paraphernalia is not going to fit in the Buxton Bag.


I am totally sleep deprived because of this guy…

…who sleeps soundly as I type and pump my body full of caffeine.

But he is so worth it.


Shameless Plug Alert

I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning, some decaffeinated tea, hot water with lemon, or hot chocolate in the afternoons.  I use my HotShot by Sunbeam to heat water up.

It’s a great little appliance, but I would like to take it back to my classroom, which is why I bought the thing.  BTW…they are around twenty dollars on Amazon.com.

I digress….

BP and I don’t drink a whole pot of coffee.  I am nursing, so I have limited my caffeine intake.  He drinks most of his coffee at his desk at work.  So, if we make it, it’s wasted.  I HATE wasting things.

Wanna know what my Jack of all Trades hunk of a man got for me for Christmas?  And for almost nothing?!?

The Keurig Platinum Brewer.


I LOVE it.

BP’s company has one at work and he is in charge of the ordering.  He KNEW this would be perfect for us.

If I want hot chocolate, I can use one of the K-cups of hot chocolate


I can run hot water through it and use the hot chocolate packets that were the penny item at Publix the other week.


Dream. Come. True.

I do love me some Shameless Plugs:

*My Pancake Puff pan that I ordered from TV (you know…as seen on TV?) rocks.

*Our PlasmaCars provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults.

*My Roomba named Rosie (yes, I named her!) is the best thing ever…a member of the family!

*The NetiPot is perfect for when you are sick.

Add the Keurig to the list!

Told Ya So

Yet another reason why this is the BEST GIFT EVER:




Not only are they tons-o-fun, PlasmaCars also provide an excellent upper arm and inner thigh workout.  This chick is SORE from our garage races.  You can tell from the picture that I was totally into my aerobic regime.



Uncle B and Frack are also in on the fun.

** It is undecided at the moment as to what Frack is actually doing with his hand. ** 

It didn’t take any time for the boys to figure out how to effectively maneuver these scooters around the garage.  The adults didn’t seem to have any problems either.  At one point, I was actually trying to convince my children that they would rather play inside so the grown ups could have all the fun.  

Yeah.  Mother of the Year, here.

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?


We had a wonderful Christmas.  Frick and Frack woke at 7:15am.  Pretty good for a couple of farmers, huh?  

(BP and I refer to Frick and Frack as The Farmers because they are up with the sun.  EVERYDAY.)  

The joy and bliss on the faces of my TRUE believers will forever be etched in my mind! 



Frick received a Woody doll from Toy Story.  Woody has been everywhere with us already.



Because one can never have too many Cars….





This has to be THE.BEST.GIFT.EVER.

It’s called a PlasmaCar.  

As you can see, even adults can ride it.  It holds up to 300lbs.  It’s been pretty nasty here (rain, very humid, and 70 degrees).  We would have already been racing them outside.  Alas, the garage has been perfect for our races.  

Nini and Pops….err….Mr. C hooked us up with two.


It is absolutely baffling to me how quickly Christmas comes and goes.  Our local radio station plays Christmas music 24/7 from early November until Christmas Day.  Then they just STOP.

 Cold turkey.  

It is such a let down.



Now I must get ready for NYE.

We actually have plans this year.



Go on and see Mrs. 4444 for more Friday Fragments.


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