Summer 2012

I thought a summer wrap up post would be best for updating the blog, seeing as how I have neglected it so.

School starts this week for me and on the 20th for the boys.

Both Frick and Frack are headed to my public school this year.

Frick will be in second grade and Frack will be in first.



The majority of pictures in this post are of Frog and are small.

I didn’t plan it that way, but considering his brothers have waaaay more pictures on here than he does,

I figured it’s all good.

 As far as the small size of the pictures…well, all I can figure out is it’s the way they are uploaded.  I tried to make them bigger, but the pixels became wacky.  So small it is.  My apologies.

This summer, we:

…got fat lips

and strep throat.

That was fun.

  …went to a children’s museum a bit away from us:

…picked up Dad from the airport when he returned from a few of his multiple business trips taken in June and July.

That’s us waiting at the gate for him.

…played in our “Kid Wash” that BP made straight from Pinterest.

….swam on a swim team and dropped all of our times.  In fact, one meet in particular offered tshirts as heat winner prizes.  BOTH boys received a tshirt and killed their times by 30+ seconds.

That’s huge.

…went to the beach again with the family.  Frack managed to get strep throat and had to be quarantined just about the whole trip.  On the way home to see our doctor, Frog threw up 4 times in the car and Frick did a sympathy puke.

Good times.

I’ll leave you with this last picture of Frog.

He’s become VERY attached to two blankets and a paci he’s slept with since birth.

Each night when he’s ready for bed, he goes and gets those items.

It’s our clue to get him to bed.

Have you ever heard of such cuteness?


Things Learned Along the Way

We just returned from Pittsburgh, PA, where we visited family for the Easter weekend.

We had a wonderful time playing with Cousin J and Cousin J2, Aunt D, and Uncle B.

We learned a few new things along the way, like:

*when your 5 month old baby decides it would be a great time to get his first ever fever of 103.4, the nurse at night in your hometown is not really a whole lot of help.

*your SIL’s pediatrician is miraculously in your network, so when you take your child to see the said pediatrician, you only have to pay your copay.

*your baby did not have ear infections like you were afraid.  He just had a gastrointestinal virus that lasted 12-24 hours.

*when your husband, brother, and mother take Frick, Frack, and Cousin J to the museums in downtown Pittsburgh, any other day of your visit would have been better than going on Opening Day for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Apparently this is the only game Pittsburghers actually attend all season.

*while stuck in traffic with every other Pittsburgher on Opening Day for the Pirates, having your gas tank on empty is not a good thing.

*but having an out of state license tag is and people understand why you are trying to get to the extreme left hand lane to exit.  At least you think they do.

*and having three very hungry four and five year old boys who are cranky kinda makes you lose your mind.

*drinking coffee while chatting with your SIL even though your baby is pooping his guts out and running a fever is WAY better than being in the car with those three cranky boys, one agitated husband, one bothered brother, and one miffed mother, on the way to a museum in downtown Pittsburgh on Opening Day for the Pirates.

Road Trip

Frick, Frack, Frog, and I accompanied BP on a little road trip this weekend.  BP had to work a little in the city where my dear friend Tara lives.  Tara just had her second baby and I had to meet the little tyke!

The plan was to drive up Friday night, spend the night in a hotel, wait for BP to finish around lunch, and then go see Tara and family.

Let me just tell you how much fun the boys had.

We threw schedules out the window.

The boys finally fell asleep on the oh-so-cool-pull-out-couch-bed-thingy around 10:15pm–approx. 2.5 hours later than usual.


They rose at their normal farmer-like hour–we sometimes call them The Farmers because they are up with the sun every.single.morning.

BP left to work around 7:45am and the party began.

We jumped on beds.


We twirled around in an office chair over and over and over and over.

Frick ate 2 huge waffles with syrup.

Frack ate 3 bowls of Fruit Loops.


Frog happily watched his brothers play and devour any and every food item in sight.

The fun continued at Tara and Brandon’s house, where they played with their little boy who is 2.  By the time we were gathering our 16 bags-of-God-knows-what and 3 children to leave, Brandon had the boys in stitches and Frick proclaimed:

That guy cracks me up!

Whatcha Wanna Know #5

This question came from Sharon at The Bird’s Nest.  She wants to know:


Where did you go for your honeymoon? 


BP and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon.  We stayed at the Grand Floridian.  Simply.Awesome.  Upon check in, two things helped my parents through the process of losing their baby girl a little easier:

1.  We were registered under Mr. and Mrs. (insert MY MAIDEN NAME here).

2.  There were two double beds in our room.  


It rained the entire time we were at Disney, but we still had fun seeing the sights.  One night, we took the monorail to China in Epcot Center for dinner.  The moment we stepped out of the tram, the bottom fell out of the sky and the rain poured down.  We had no poncho or umbrella.  I had this cute dress on that absorbed every bit of water.  By the time we got to the restaurant, we were drowned rats.  I went into the restroom stall, removed my dress, and wrung it out over the toilet (it was cotton).  Let’s not even talk about my hair and the mascara stains around my eyes!  Dinner was yummy and I noticed that the napkin on my lap absorbed the water from my dress and became soaked as well.  As we got up to leave, I glanced down at my chair only to see a suspicious looking wet mark on the seat.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?




Wordless Wednesday–Beach Version


Surfer Dude

Man. I am missing me some beach.


Scroll down a post to see my brother’s argument for changing Frick and Frack to Fred and Barney!

For more WW, go to 5 Minutes for Mom.

Home Sweet Home (kinda)

We are back from our trip to the beach. Quite frankly, I wish we were still there romping in the waves. We came home to a new roof, which was not-so-great based on the high standards we have for the amount we are paying. In addition, we also had a HUGE mess of trash created by the roofers (NOTE–not our beloved Fix It Guys). These dudes left food, cans, and junk all over the place. Our yard looks horrible.

(thinking to myself)

Find a happy place, find a happy place!

(Breathe, breathe, breathe)

Ahh…here is my happy place. Frack, Frick, and Cousin J at the beach. This picture just makes me laugh for 2 reasons:

1. You can tell which boys are brothers based on body type.

2. Just what is going on with Frick’s hands???


I just love this picture.  It is so indicative of their personalities.

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