Quotable Quips

Aunt D:  I think we will make a birthday cake for Uncle B on Wednesday and have a little party for him.

Frick:  Wednesday?  Oh no.  That’s going to be awkward.  Reeeaaallly awkward.  I think I have plans.


Frog:   (pointing to a piece of gum)  Me dum!  MEEEE DUM!!!


Me:  Frog, do you want to eat?

Frog:  Eeet? Shoo-er (sure).


Babysitter:  Hi Frog!  Are you ready to get up from your nap?

Frog:  What’s up?



Someone Needs to be Schooled….

Face (obverse) of the Series 2003A $2 bill

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Frick:  I found two quarters, Frack!!

Frack:  I want some!!  Can you give me one?

Frick:  NO!

Frack:  I’ll give you my two dollar bill….

Frick:  Heh.  Ok.

Overheard from the Playroom


Me: *FREDRICK!!  Stop!!

Friend: Why did she call you “Fredrick” instead of “Fred”?

Frick: Fredrick is my trouble name.


*The name “Fredrick” is being used purely as an example for the purpose of maintaining our anonymity.  It is not Frick’s given name.


Quotable Quips


Hey mom…can I have some candy from my pumpkin?


No, not right now.


AWWW Mom!!  I am moving away!

(he stomps away, pouting)

…a few moments later…

(Frick stomps back into the kitchen, still pouting)


Ok…I’m not moving away because I can’t drive.  But if I could, I would sooo go away!

Quotable Quips


Guess what?!  I have a journal at school that I use to write down my thinks.  But I’m not really writing my thinks down yet.  Just my letters I have learned.


Maybe I have read Dr. Seuss’ Oh,the Thinks You Can Think one too many times….

Day 6: Quotable Quips

We were on our way to a graduation party.  Frick was worried about meeting new people.


I am not meeting people from other states because they may speak Spanish.


But Frick…you kinda speak Spanish (thanks to Dora and Diego).


Yeah.  Uno.


30 Days of Me

Day 1:  Your favorite song
Day 2:  Your favorite movie
Day 3:  Your favorite television program
Day 4:  Your favorite book
Day 5:  Your favorite quote

Oh Boy…


I am going to go take a shower.


Ok.  Dad just got out.


Maybe you and Dad could take a shower together!

AND you can talk to each other!

You can talk to each other on your iPhones!

AND I could watch my brothers for you.



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