Fantabulous Five Year Old

Happy Birthday to my sweet Frack!

You are such a vivacious little man, constantly full of energy and enthusiasm.

You were born right after the Steelers Super Bowl win in 2006, making your Steeler family proud.  And how cool is it that your 5th birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday with the Steelers as a contender AGAIN?!?

I found this questionnaire completed in 2008 in the blog archives and thought it was worthy of reposting on this momentous occasion:


What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant? To say I was shocked would be the understatement of  the decade.  After all, Frick was only 6 months old when I got pregnant again.

How old were you? 29

How did you find out you were pregnant? I had those round ligament pains when I stood up or changed positions.  I had them with my first pregnancy and thought the pains to be vaguely familiar.   I took a home pregnancy test on a hunch.

Who did you tell first? I called BP at work and told him.

Did you want to find out the sex? Absolutely!  I wanted to know whether or not I would be saving money if the baby was a boy or going into debt for the rest of my life if it was a girl.

Due due: February 5, 2006 (my sister in law’s birthday–Hi D!!)

Did you deliver early or late? I was induced on my due date, the day the Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl 40.  My family and I (minus my Dad who was watching the game at the K of C with his fellow Steeler junkies) watched the game while I was administered Cervadil and Pitocin.  I delivered a day late.

Did you have morning sickness? Nope.

What did you crave? All I wanted to do was chew ice, just like during my first pregnancy.  They say this is your body telling you to get more iron.  I was iron deficient during both Frick and Frack’s pregnancies.  Both boys were also born with heads FULL of hair that never fell out.  I also read somewhere that having hair at birth was related to taking the iron supplements.  Who’da thunk it?

Who irritated you the most? All the people who said I was going to have my hands full.   Duh.

How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? I learned my lesson from my 60lbs weight gain the first time.  And because I was chasing a toddler around the house, I only gained 25 pounds.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? No.  Again, I was very fortunate.

Where did you give birth? In a hospital.

How many hours were you in labor? Not long at all.  Maybe 7?  It was easy peasy.  Yes, I had drugs.  That’s EXACTLY why I can say that.

Who drove you to the hospital? BP and I leisurely made our way to the hospital for a scheduled induction.

Did you take medicine to ease the pain? Yes.  I am not big on pain.  AT.ALL.

How much did your child weigh? 7lbs. 11oz.  A featherweight compared to his 9lb 4 oz brother, Frick, and his 8lb 10 oz brother, Frog.

What did you name him/her? As tempting as it was to name him Ben (Roethlisberger), Jerome (Bettis), or Heath (Miller), we went with Frack.  OK, not really.  But for anonymity, that’s what we named him.  I will say that he is named after my father.

Happy Birthday to you, our FIVE year old boy




Dude. Three Years Is a Long Time.

…life’s about a dream has been around for three years.


It doesn’t seem that long.

But then again, in my mind, I am still 20 years old and a size 8.

I digress….

My virtual scrapbook/baby book has evolved into quite a creative outlet.  I am able to update my family and friends in far off places (sniff, sniff) and right here in Downtown, Smalltown, Southeastern USA with pictures and anecdotes.  I have reconnected with my ΑΧΩ sisters from Clemson and discovered several readers are sisters, too!

I usually do a post commemorating this momentous occasion where the behind the scene secrets of the blog are revealed.  Without further ado…

Behind the Scenes, Version 3.0:


During Christmas 2007, BP was doing computer stuff with a coworker here at The Money Pit (more on that later) for several days in a row.  During a break, the coworker told me his wife had a blog.

A what??

HyperactiveLu was the first blog I ever read.   Through hers, I started reading others.  Then, one Saturday morning, BP came to me and said, “I set a blog up for you.  It should be much easier than the website we have.”


A blog was born.

The title …life’s about a dream came from Frick.  He was actually singing the song, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and instead of singing, “life is but a dream” he sang, “life’s about a dream”.  We thought that was pretty profound, especially coming from a three year old (at the time).  And, it is what it is.  Our life is a dream.  BP had his sister make it into a sticker above our back door.

He calls it our mantra.

I call it cute.

BP’s name is derived from his initials.  It’s also short for Big Papa, taken from the song Big Poppa by Biggie Smalls.  It’s my ringtone for BP because he’s cool like that.  Or I’m even cooler like that.

Frick and Frack are nicknames for our older boys.  I used to teach part time in the public schools, job sharing a classroom with another girl.  She and I would joke around, calling ourselves Frick and Frack.  I thought it was clever and started calling the boys Frick and Frack around the house.   It worked well for the blog since I didn’t want our names “out there” in cyberspace.  Sometimes we refer to them as Chaos and Havoc (because they prefer wrestling as an after school activity) or The Farmers (because they are up with the sun each morning).  Uncle B tried to get me to change their blog names to Fred and Barney.  Click HERE for that reasoning.  Alas, Frick and Frack remain.

Frog is the nickname for our newest little guy, born in November, 2009.  After asking the blogosphere for ideas for a nickname, there was quite the debate as to what his nickname would be.  Frog was chosen because some of the other nicknames had  interesting connotations.   Sometimes I refer to him as The Newborn, but obviously he’s not one of those anymore.

Some of our posts refer to a place called The Money Pit. That’s our 110 year old house.  We started a major renovation process here in May 2008.  In true renovation fashion, our budget tripled as they began to chip away at our house.  The Fix It Guys kept uncovering all kinds of damage.  And our bill kept growing.  Hence, The Money Pit.  Like the movie.  Only better.  Then, BP started finishing the inside of the house while I was in Pittsburgh visiting Uncle B, Aunt D and Steeler Training Camp. It was my very own HGTV show!

2010 brought something new around the blog.  I set up a Facebook Fan Page to update my friends who don’t use a reader like Google or Bloglines.  I prefer updating the fan page instead of my personal FB page, but sometimes share the links on both pages.  So if you are not a fan yet and you keep up with us via Facebook, you may want to click that “like” button on the FB link to know about blog updates.  Mom, I am talking to you. K.  Thanks.

Dreamers refers to you, my loyal readers of …life’s about a dream.   As I said above, this is a virtual scrapbook for my children and our memories.  But when I see that others are reading and commenting here on the blog, on Facebook, or through emails, I know my words are not just for us.  And that’s flattering.  Thank you for reading.  And commenting.  🙂


Things Learned Along the Way, Version 2.0

We just returned from a quick but fun visit to visit Aunt D, Uncle B, and their three kids in Pittsburgh, PA.

The last trip to Pittsburgh was quite eventful, too, compiled into list format.  This just may become a Pittsburgh trip tradition.  Here’s the latest and greatest version of the list:


1.  The first indication that you will spend more than 10 hours in the car is when your 6 year old  proclaims he has to use the bathroom after only driving 36 miles.

2.  Harnessing a child in a car seat for many hours on end drives your 1 year old insane as well as his parents and grandmother, too.

3.  Purposefully not taking dramamine because you want to tend to your children instead of being knocked out cold is not a good idea.  Getting car sick in while going through the mountains of West Virginia creates a major vacuum.  Listening to your children argue and cry is even worse.  Next time I’m opting for the dramamine.  For everyone.

4.  What’s even worse than your 1 year old acting fussy?  Listening to him cry from West Virginia to Pittsburgh.  That’s a lot of crying.


Now that sounds like we had a terrible trip.

But we didn’t.  It was a fabulous trip.

5.  Holding your brand new and only niece quickly erased any misery of the car ride from H-E-double hockey sticks.

6.  Watching your boys run and play with their cousins and EVERYONE GET ALONG almost the entire time is pure joy.

7.  Having time to sit and talk with your sister in law in person is priceless.

8.  Visiting with family, eating delicious food, and laughing until you have tears streaming down your face is even better.


And then the car ride home…. *sigh*

It took 13 hours.




More traffic.


More crying.


I liken the trip to an oreo cookie.

The best part is in the middle.

Thanks, Uncle B, Aunt D, Cousin J1, Cousin J2, and Cousin A.

We can’t wait to see you again.

When you travel south.

Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom to Boys


Motherhood throws you for a loop.  I still fret over the smallest of issues and baby Frog is my third child.  I have joked with the boys’ pediatrician many times since Frog was born about still feeling like a first time mom.  I don’t think that feeling ever goes away, regardless of the number of children you have.

I was eating lunch with some friends a couple of weeks ago.  All are or will be moms to all boy clans.  Our conversation was wildly entertaining about motherhood and the antics of our children.  Listed below are some of the finer points we covered.

Since school has/is started(ing), the teacher in me is currently demanding these valuable nuggets in a list format:

1.  People are going to say stupid stuff to you while you are pregnant.  Really stupid stuff. You know the comments…“Oh wow. You have really gotten big.” Gee thanks.  “Don’t you know how to stop having kids?  You will never have a girl anyway.” Is it any business of yours how many children I have?  And my personal favorite (insert sarcasm HERE) “Another boy?  You sure are going to have your hands full.” DUH.  Now leave me alone with my chocolate.

2.  It’s OK to ask for help. And I don’t just mean asking someone to cook you dinner.  Although, that would be great.  By the way, this one goes for moms of boys and girls.  I seemed to sail through postpartum with my first.  After having #2, I felt as if I was drowning.  I have never been in a place so dark and isolating, yet I was anything but alone with my supportive family all around me.  I was a victim to postpartum depression and it’s NOT FUN.   If you ever feel this way, don’t be ashamed.  It’s not worth it in the long run.  Get the help you need.  Your kids and husband will thank you.

3.  Having all boys automatically earns you a special place in heaven. God said so.  Ok, maybe that was only in a dream I had, but who else deserves one than a mom of all boys?  I mean, c’mon.  Only the strong can survive the constant wrestling, growling, and bodily functions.  For realz.

4.  Children make you plan for the future. Think about it.  When else do you get your junk together as far as your will, pick out godparents, and start saving for college educations?  Not to mention the hopes and dreams for great daughters in law and  adorable grandDAUGHTERS.  I need to dress SOMEONE in pink.

5.  It’s an excuse to watch more sports. This one may only apply to me, seeing as how I actually taught my husband everything he knows about the sport of hockey (Let’s Go Pens!).  I seriously go into withdrawals when I cannot attend Clemson games or watch Steeler games on TV.  Thanks to my dad, Pops, for instilling this love of sports in me.  My husband thanks you, too.

Life has changed so much since welcoming three sons.

And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

There’s An App for That

The Stanley Cup playoffs have started and the Pittsburgh Penguins are in again.

Uncle B was busting my chops for not watching the initial games that have already been played (Pens won the series with the Ottawa Senators).

What’s my excuse?

Frog has been sick.

That has made me a tad busy.

Too busy for hockey.

But I found the solution.

Here’s the email I sent to my father (Pops) and brother (Uncle B) explaining  just how I will get by:

Pops and Uncle B…you will be thrilled to know that I installed the Pittsburgh Penguin application for my iPhone.  I will be updated with more informaion than you could ever dream of getting. Well, unless you go to the official web page for the Pens.  Anyhoo, call me.  We’ll chat hockey and I will sound like I know something.

Uncle B’s reply:

Awesome. You’re back in the club.

Remember:  Pens good.  Sens bad.

Let’s Go Pens!

Things Learned Along the Way

We just returned from Pittsburgh, PA, where we visited family for the Easter weekend.

We had a wonderful time playing with Cousin J and Cousin J2, Aunt D, and Uncle B.

We learned a few new things along the way, like:

*when your 5 month old baby decides it would be a great time to get his first ever fever of 103.4, the nurse at night in your hometown is not really a whole lot of help.

*your SIL’s pediatrician is miraculously in your network, so when you take your child to see the said pediatrician, you only have to pay your copay.

*your baby did not have ear infections like you were afraid.  He just had a gastrointestinal virus that lasted 12-24 hours.

*when your husband, brother, and mother take Frick, Frack, and Cousin J to the museums in downtown Pittsburgh, any other day of your visit would have been better than going on Opening Day for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Apparently this is the only game Pittsburghers actually attend all season.

*while stuck in traffic with every other Pittsburgher on Opening Day for the Pirates, having your gas tank on empty is not a good thing.

*but having an out of state license tag is and people understand why you are trying to get to the extreme left hand lane to exit.  At least you think they do.

*and having three very hungry four and five year old boys who are cranky kinda makes you lose your mind.

*drinking coffee while chatting with your SIL even though your baby is pooping his guts out and running a fever is WAY better than being in the car with those three cranky boys, one agitated husband, one bothered brother, and one miffed mother, on the way to a museum in downtown Pittsburgh on Opening Day for the Pirates.

Am I Crazy?

Frack and I took a road trip to Tiger Town (aka Clemson, SC) for the football game this weekend–just the two of us.

Frack cheered.

He chanted C-L-E-M-S-O-N with the crowd.

He booed when the men behind us booed at bad calls.

And he actually repeated some of the not-so-nice words the men were screaming at the referees.  Nice, huh?

But the jury is still out on whether I am:

a) a very brave mother who loves sports.

(For Pete’s sake…I did take my kids to Pittsburgh, PA for Steeler Training Camp not too long ago– also without BP.)

b) a cRaZy woman with nothing better to do.

(What woman in her 8th month of pregnancy would take a 3 year old to a football game when thunderstorms are forecasted for the entire day?!?)

c) longing for the good old college days.

(It’s true.  I do miss those days.)

But nothing compares to seeing the joy on your child’s face as he participates in the traditions of your alma mater, even if they lose the game.  In the POURING rain.

tiger paw

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