Photo Dump/Catch Up Post

All I can say is…life got in the way.  And in a good way!

To catch you up with the shenanigans of Frick, Frack, and Frog, I have compiled our favorite pictures from the last six months.

Or possibly more.

So…Let’s start with Frog’s first trip to the dentist!


photo-11 copy

He did great and allowed the dental hygienist to do her thing to an extent.

At one point, she asked him if he would open his mouth so she could count his teeth and he promptly said, “No.”

After some convincing, he did it and all was well.


Then, it was a trip to Legoland in Atlanta for Frack’s 7th birthday.

photo-11 copy 4


The boys received new mattresses and had an impromptu jumping session on the old ones:


A perfect sendoff for old mattresses.

And tons of boy fun.


photo-12 copy

Slides are fun, but crazy hair is even better.


Baseball season found us camping out at the ballpark 4 nights out of the week and often on Saturdays for practice.

Frick and Frack had great seasons and love the game.

Both received game balls twice.

Frick’s team won the tournament at the end of the season…a come from behind win.  He had an awesome tournament streak  after a midseason slump.  Frick ended up getting the game ball at the Championship game.

I cried.  Lots.

photo-12 copy 2

photo-12 copy 5


Frog has a habit of falling asleep at random times.  I love sleeping kid pics, so I had to include this:

photo-12 copy 3

He’s my sleeper…he still naps two hours each day, goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 8 in the morning.

Plus these random naps, this guy has it made in the shade.


photo-12 copy 4


That’s what I told Frick to tell Cocky when we saw him at a Touch a Truck event in Columbia.

I’m guessing Cocky wasn’t a fan of that.


Frick made his First Holy Eucharist this May:

photo-13 copy

He was so excited to make this sacrament and we were so proud.

Frack did all he could to hold in his energy over three hours.  At the time of this picture being taken, he had enough. 🙂

We were to have a big party at our house afterwards, but as luck would have it, Frog ran a 103 degree fever for two days.


Party moved to another location.


June was busy with swim team meets and practices.

July brought our annual beach trip to Hilton Head Island.

photo-13 copy 6

Nini and Frog had a blast swinging together.

One minute, Frog is happy and having a blast.

photo-13 copy 5

The next minute, he’s Mr. Pouty.

photo-13 copy 4

Frog is quite the moody one.

He takes after me.


The boys LOVED the ocean, boogie boarding, and jumping waves.

photo-13 copy 3

That brings us up to present day…

We’re trying to enjoy the rest of our summer before school starts up again.


Just Because He’s Cute and I Needed a Smile Today

Once upon a time, Frog was an a-DOR-able toddler in a toy box:

Fast forward about a year and this cutie patootie is looking more and more like a real boy:

Pretty soon, we’ll be packing him up for college.


Blast from the Past

Nini received an envelope from a friend the other day.

 Inside was a rather lovely magazine called TABLE.  It’s published in Western Pennsylvania and features food culture and recipes of the area.  Per their Facebook page:

TABLE is your magazine dedicated to celebrating food culture and lifestyle in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania.  What we “bring to the TABLE” as a community is what makes our region and each of our neighborhoods, traditions, lives and stories so unique. TABLE is where we come together to share our passion for food, life, quality and good health.

 The editor, Christina, was my childhood friend from the years we lived in Idaho.  Christina’s family and my family were both originally from Pittsburgh.  Both families moved back to the Pittsburgh area, hers has remained there.

Lo and behold, when my mom opened the magazine, there was a picture of Christina, me and our other friend:

That’s me in the center, circa 1980, rocking the Powder Puff Big Wheel and Dorothy Hamill hair.

A closer look:

Cute, huh?

Maybe this is a magazine in which The Non-Cook Named Mandy needs to subscribe.

To find more info about TABLE Magazine, go to their Facebook page.

Just Because He’s Cute and I Needed a Smile Today

Check him out…

…it’s a Frog in a box!



Day 7: A Photo That Makes You Happy

Every photo has a story behind it.

A simple photo of my husband and I tells a happy story of a night we will never forget.

(Forgive the grainy picture.  Apparently my scanner stinks, too.)

My brother and sister in law were married on September 22, 2001.

11 days after 9/11.

Most of the wedding guests who lived many states away canceled their airline reservations, but drove the distance (many, many hours) to celebrate.

And celebrate we did.

We had so much fun at this wedding and reception.

Everyone felt relief, as if it were finally OK to breath and let loose after a very stressful week and a half.

We celebrated love.

We celebrated life.

We celebrated freedom.

Day 6: Quotable Quips

We were on our way to a graduation party.  Frick was worried about meeting new people.


I am not meeting people from other states because they may speak Spanish.


But Frick…you kinda speak Spanish (thanks to Dora and Diego).


Yeah.  Uno.


30 Days of Me

Day 1:  Your favorite song
Day 2:  Your favorite movie
Day 3:  Your favorite television program
Day 4:  Your favorite book
Day 5:  Your favorite quote

Day 5: Favorite Quote

I am not sure who said this (I Googled, but couldn’t find it–if you know, please tell me in the comment section).  I read this on some blog, some Facebook page, heard it from a little old lady in Publix, etc.

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

Every time I hear it said, I stop in my tracks and REALLY think about how quickly my life is passing.  How many days have I wished, hoped, and prayed to just make it to nap time, to bed time, to ANYTIME other than right now?

Then I am slapped in the face with a glimpse of two little boys who are not chunky toddlers any more.

And the fact that I have a baby who is SEVEN months old today is befuddling to me!

My sweet, roly poly Frog is:

…going to be sporting some brand new tubes in his ears!  After ear infection #4 (diagnosed on May 28), his doctor and I made the decision to go ahead and contact our otologist.

…weighing in at 20lbs, 10 oz as of May 28th.

…still in stage 3 diapers, but not for long.  As soon as we use this last pack up, it’s on to stage 4!

…growing out of his 9 month clothes.  Hey BP!  I need the 12 month tub of clothes!!  OK?  Thanks.

…eating every fruit, every veggie, and a whole lotta cereal.  This kid loves to eat!

…drinking apple juice from a sippy cup.

…not sleeping the way I WANT him to sleep, but he is sleeping the way he NEEDS to sleep.  In other words, his long stretch is from 8pm to 4am.  Yay for him, sucks for me.

…laughing all the time.  I mean ALL THE TIME.

…still rolling every where and trying to scoot here and there.

…loving the pool!  He sits in his handy float and laughs as his brothers swim around him.  Yes, I actually take all three boys to the pool.  It’s been an adventure, folks.

…shrieking like a pterodactyl in the most inconvenient places.  Like church.  And doctor offices.

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