Best Gift of 2012

I started writing …life’s about a dream  today in 2008.

Five years of journaling our lives.

For Christmas this year, BP made the blog into hardback books for me.

It was a precious and priceless gift, and one I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.


Here’s a link the the background information post.

 It’s one I usually wrote for this blog anniversary day.

I’m off to smile, laugh, reminisce, and cry while reading my blog books.



Christmas Card 2012

This year for our card, we tried very hard to recreate the awesomeness of Frog’s first Christmas card photo in 2009:


The photos were even taken in the same park!

While the children tremendously enjoyed tackling one another, a pesky three year old would not cooperate and preferred doing things HIS way.

The closest we could get to the original was this:

number 10 pond-1

Regardless of the three year old’s antics, it still turned out pretty cute.

They are some handsome little boys, full of life, confidence, and spunk.

And who love to wrestle and tackle.



May you have the gift of faith,

the blessing of hope

and the peace of His love at Christmas

and always.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Reprising the Roles

The Christmas season is underway and full of the usual craziness.

This year, we once again reprised our roles as Mary and Joseph in a live nativity at the church down the street.

BP and I were  in the scene called “The Journey”.  The first year we were in this scene, I was 7 months pregnant with Frack, which was perfect.

Now I just wear a pillow under my robe.

BP and I are beginning to realize that we may be getting a tad old for this role.  After all, we are pushing 40 and Mary and Joseph were in their teens.


On the fourth night of the event, the boys joined us in The Village, making their first Bethlehem appearance.

Check out the post below from a past Bethlehem excursion, which pretty much sums up the last 6 years we have participated.

Always tons of fun.

Mary and Joseph Revisited

The One Where There Are a Bazillion Pictures Because I Haven’t Posted in Months.

Life is fast and furious!

The last time I posted, I had to sum up the summer.

Now I have to sum up the beginning of the school year.

It’s November for Pete’s sake!!



We’ve been busy in school!

Frack is in first grade and Frick is in second.

I love the reflectors doing their job and doing it well with the flash of my camera.

These boys are at my school with me and I LOVE having them there.


We’ve been busy taking naps in the car because someone wants to begin giving it up.

Sorry, but Mom ain’t having it, Frog.

However we did give up the beloved paci on October 29.


We’ve been busy losing teeth!!

Frack is missing two and Frick is missing 4.

We keep the Tooth Fairy in business around here.


Halloween was bittersweet.

Frick was sick with a 103 degree fever, caused by strep throat.  He unfortunately was not feeling up to trick or treating.

We did get a pose from him as Pajama Man with the rest of the family, as he was coasting on his Motrin high.

And his Mom is a rockstar because she filled his bucket to the brim with candy for her him.


Frog turned three on November 5th.  Three.


Doesn’t it seem like he was just born?!


We’ve spent some time at Clemson watching our beloved Tigers play.

Each time Frog sees the Tigers on TV or in a book he says,

“Ooooo!!  We went there!  Wet’s go back!!”


The Posse went with me to vote.

These are their intimidation faces:



And today is Frick’s 8th birthday!

He started off the day on the school’s news program with a Birthday Book we bought for him through the school library.

What  a post!

Hopefully, it won’t be three months before I update again.

Mother’s Day 2012

Breakfast and cuddles in bed,

handmade gifts from adorable children,

including this precious lollipop corsage made by Frack,

and pictures with my boys on the porch before Mass.

What a great day!

Best Gifts of Christmas

Thanks to Pinterest (, we had a very homemade Christmas this year.

Aunt D made these for us:

Face magnets!!

Those darling faces are Frick, Frack, Frog, my nephews and niece.


I made these scarves in various colors for the ladies in our family:

and one for me in orange since Clemson is headed to the Orange Bowl.


T shirt scarves are super cute and easy to make.

I WILL be making more of these.


Also gifted this year:

Click the picture for the website and photo credit.

Go around the world with your kids!

Per the Little Passports website:

Little Passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a country’s geography,

history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.

I am so excited about the boys receiving these each month.


While they receive that each month, I’ll receive a box from Birchbox!

Click the picture for the link and photo credit.

With Birchbox, you receive 4-5 beauty samples each month.

 I’ve seen this on friends’ blogs and thought it was the perfect gift that keeps on giving.


I hope that you and yours had a blessed Christmas.

Christmas Card 2011

May the Christmas season

fill your home with joy,

your heart with love

and your life with laughter.

Merry Christmas!

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