Seven Months and Eight Months

**I’m searching for the 6 month post.  I think I may have skipped that month.  Sigh.  Oh well.**

Jose, oh Jose!

You are growing so quickly!  Seven months on the 28th of February. Things Jose is doing:

*sitting up for long periods of time.

*cut his first tooth on the bottom on February 21.

*sleeping from 8-2, but still reaches out for me to nurse at night. Our crazy life leads me to exhaustion and having him in bed with us is easy.  I need easy.  That should be evident by the combined monthly posts instead of devoting a post per month.

*flipping  over and over, back and forth.  He will be on the move soon.  I have already lectured the boys about leaving legos and other small toys around on the floor.  😁

*”talking” a lot.  Screeching is more like it.

*grabbing my face and giving me kisses. He may just want to nurse my face, but I’ll continue to pretend he wants to kiss me.

*Nini and I swear he said bye.  In actuality, he mimicked our sound, but hey. It’s a start.


Eight Months

March 28 brought along Jose’s 8 month mark.  It’s hard to believe how quickly this year is going.  The first year of life of my babies is always the most exciting.  Regardless of the exhaustion, the firsts and amazement of new things bring such joy to the household.

 I was telling Granny B just this morning that having 4 children, while tiring, is actually easier than when I just had Frick and Frack who were 15 months apart.  I have help now…in the form of 3 strapping lads who are at my beck and call.  They get the diapers, take the trash out, hold him, watch him while I run and get something or they run and get that something for me.

So now…what’s new with Jose?

*I forgot to write down when he got his second tooth.  And I don’t know when he got his third.  But he got them.  🙂  I figured that out when he bit my nose.  I know, I know.  I shouldn’t of had it in his face.  But he was giving me one of those ADORABLE kisses where he grabs my face and pulls me to him. I’ll deal with the repercussions later.

* He is cutting the fourth tooth as I type.  Wowzers.  Last night was brutal.

*He said “hey” last night at Nini and Pops’ house for Easter dinner.

*He rocks back and forth on his knees and hands.  I’m sure he will be crawling by the 9 month post (that I write when he’s 10, 11 or 12 months old–LOL).

*He rolls everywhere.  We have those “make sure you pick up your Legos” talks daily.

*LOVES to be outside.  Whether we are taking a walk in the stroller, watching our brothers jump of the trampoline, or sitting on the front porch watching cars go by, he’s my outdoorsy guy.

*He naps better and, lately, he has been sleeping better.  Until last night.  That fourth tooth and the crawling milestone is doing us in.


I don’t know why I love this picture, but I do.


 I walked through the nursery one day and found these two sitting this way.  Frack and Jose are best buds.


Wild Week

Why is it:

…when your husband has a week long business trip across the country, your newborn gets and eye and ear infection?

…you don’t get any sleep because of said infection?

…your older children perfect the art of wildness?

BP is home now (yee-haw!!).

I took the boys to the airport with Granny B to meet him.  On the way to the airport, I let the boys watch Finding Nemo in the car.  Frick was in the second row of seating in the van and Frack was in the very back.

(It’s best to separate Chaos and Havoc in the car.  Trust me.)

Frick asked Frack if he was Ok without turning around.

Frack nods his head.

Frick asks him again, still watching the movie and not turning around.

Frack nods again.

Frick asks him yet another time, still watching the movie, raising his voice.

Frack vigorously nods his head.

Good thing Frack was Ok, because Frick almost blew a gasket trying to find out.

Not Into It

Granny B brought the boys cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.


Frick:(as nose turns up)

Oh.  Granny B, I’m not into cheese.


Returning to Bethlehem

As you know, BP and I are rockin’ in Bethlehem.

This live Nativity is a huge hit in our area.  So far, 2000 people have walked through.  Tonight is the last night and they are expecting about 1500 more.

BP and I took our usual spots, in The Journey, with the donkey named Festus.  I, with a prothestic bump, BP with his staff that he keeps wanting to turn into a snake (do you catch the biblical references there??) were once again upstaged by this very agitated donkey


our children.

Nini, Pops, and Granny B took the boys through Bethlehem so they could see us in action.  As they approach The Journey:

Frick and Frack: Hi Mommy!  Hi Daddy!

Frick: I like your donkey!  Is that your donkey, Mommy??

Nini/Pops/Granny B: Shhhh!!!!  That’s Mary and Joseph!

Frick and Frack: I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy!

Nini/Pops/Granny B: Shhh!!!!  You have to be quiet so you can hear Mommy …err… Mary talk.

Other people in the tour group: snicker, snicker

You know, all the typical responses of people passing by.

Pictures are on the way, I swear.

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