First Day of 3K

Frog is now old enough to be in 3K.


He as the same teachers Frick had when he was born.


It does not sit well with me — when Baby Frog makes it to school–and not in a baby carrier!

His first day of school was Tuesday, Sept. 3.

I was able to leave my school and take him into his class, all during my planning period.




Time needs to stop.



Photo Dump/Catch Up Post

All I can say is…life got in the way.  And in a good way!

To catch you up with the shenanigans of Frick, Frack, and Frog, I have compiled our favorite pictures from the last six months.

Or possibly more.

So…Let’s start with Frog’s first trip to the dentist!


photo-11 copy

He did great and allowed the dental hygienist to do her thing to an extent.

At one point, she asked him if he would open his mouth so she could count his teeth and he promptly said, “No.”

After some convincing, he did it and all was well.


Then, it was a trip to Legoland in Atlanta for Frack’s 7th birthday.

photo-11 copy 4


The boys received new mattresses and had an impromptu jumping session on the old ones:


A perfect sendoff for old mattresses.

And tons of boy fun.


photo-12 copy

Slides are fun, but crazy hair is even better.


Baseball season found us camping out at the ballpark 4 nights out of the week and often on Saturdays for practice.

Frick and Frack had great seasons and love the game.

Both received game balls twice.

Frick’s team won the tournament at the end of the season…a come from behind win.  He had an awesome tournament streak  after a midseason slump.  Frick ended up getting the game ball at the Championship game.

I cried.  Lots.

photo-12 copy 2

photo-12 copy 5


Frog has a habit of falling asleep at random times.  I love sleeping kid pics, so I had to include this:

photo-12 copy 3

He’s my sleeper…he still naps two hours each day, goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 8 in the morning.

Plus these random naps, this guy has it made in the shade.


photo-12 copy 4


That’s what I told Frick to tell Cocky when we saw him at a Touch a Truck event in Columbia.

I’m guessing Cocky wasn’t a fan of that.


Frick made his First Holy Eucharist this May:

photo-13 copy

He was so excited to make this sacrament and we were so proud.

Frack did all he could to hold in his energy over three hours.  At the time of this picture being taken, he had enough. 🙂

We were to have a big party at our house afterwards, but as luck would have it, Frog ran a 103 degree fever for two days.


Party moved to another location.


June was busy with swim team meets and practices.

July brought our annual beach trip to Hilton Head Island.

photo-13 copy 6

Nini and Frog had a blast swinging together.

One minute, Frog is happy and having a blast.

photo-13 copy 5

The next minute, he’s Mr. Pouty.

photo-13 copy 4

Frog is quite the moody one.

He takes after me.


The boys LOVED the ocean, boogie boarding, and jumping waves.

photo-13 copy 3

That brings us up to present day…

We’re trying to enjoy the rest of our summer before school starts up again.

A Frog Update

While reading those precious blog books,

I realized my life has become so very busy and I am not as good at writing down the things the boys are doing.

 I love reading back over our lives, remembering each post as if I wrote it yesterday.

I have not written solely on Frog in some time other than his third birthday.

He’s growing up fast, building his vocabulary and has matured so much.

It’s due time to catch you up on our “little” Frog.

photo copy 4

He is a funny, loving guy .

Some Frog-isms include:

*(while putting his hands on your face) “Ahhh…I wuv you too!” –and that is said even without my saying “I love you” to him.

**”Wet’s hug kiss Mom!” or “I need hug kiss!!”

**”Mom, I need sicky cup from frig-ig-ger”

**”I need hug kiss my boys!” (He is referring to his brothers, and sometimes he says “my guys”.  That collective term often includes me as well.)

**”Mom.  You da pwincess.  I da good guy.  I save you.”

**”C’I have a awful?”  (Can I have a waffle?)

**”I go to school to see my fwends?”

**When Frog wakes at any point either in the morning or after nap, he calls out, “He-wo!  I here!!!  Come get me!!”  He’s in a toddler bed where he can get out by himself yet he still calls out to us.

**He sings all.the.time.  He also loves to dance.  Anytime a song comes on that he recognizes, he proclaims, “My SONG!!  It’s my SONG!!”  Then he dances and sings along.  I keep trying to catch him on video, but I am usually driving when it occurs.  Filming that guy while driving is not such a grand idea.

**He loves cars, Legos and Star Wars.  He skipped over toddler toys–he had no interest in Thomas the Train (which was big for his brothers) and went straight into “his boys” or “his guys” interests.  It was bitter sweet to skip that stage of toddlerhood, but I suppose that’s all part of the game when you have older ones at home.

He’s pretty much into anything Frick and Frack have in their hands.

With a dash of potty humor and a smidgen of wrestling.

Dinner Theater

Entertainment abound at dinner this evening!

For starters, The Non-Cook Named Mandy roasted a whole chicken in the crock pot today.

The delicious smell of this easy chicken recipe tempted us all afternoon.

Things were going splendidly until Ms. Non-Cook discovered that she left the innards wrapped in plastic inside the chicken’s cavity.

The trash can enjoyed our chicken.


Sandwiches for boys and salads for grownups were tonight’s main course.

But then things perked up.

Frog has caught on to his older brothers’ knock knock jokes.

He piped up with his own tonight at the table:

So thankful for comic relief.


While I was folding the mountain of vacation laundry on my bed,

Frog climbed up and crawled on top of the pillows.

Just above the bed is a mirror.

Frog crouched down and popped up several times, playing Peek-A-Boo with himself in the mirror.

 It was the cutest.thing.ever.

And one of those moments forever etched into my mind.

I really wish I had BP’s iPhone 4 where I could have immediately started the video feature.  My lowly iPhone 3 does not have that capability.

So a picture will have to do.

Now a little trivia for you, if you will.

What’s wrong with this picture?


18 Months

18 months.

It’s been 18 months since Frog was born.

Good grief.

This little booger is into everything.

Weight, length, and percentiles will come later after our doctor appointment in the coming weeks.

Frog is:

…wearing a Stage 5 diaper.  His growth in this department has slowed.  I have always been a self proclaimed Huggies girl with Frick and Frack.  However, this time around, Pampers seem to fit Frog better.

…wearing 18month to 24 month clothes.  He is wearing some hand-me-down shirts that are 2T and 3T  which have shrunk over the years.  That’s what older brothers are for, yes?

…running.  Everywhere.

…sleeping from 6:45pm to 7:45am and not waking up somewhere in between anymore!!  He used to wake to nurse around 4 or 5am.  That stopped about a month ago and now he is completely weaned.

…taking 2-3 hour naps each day.

…sleeps with a paci and his “nuh-nuh” (i.e. lovey, little blanket with satin trim, the thing that works magic when it’s time to sleep).  When he’s tired, he’ll go to his crib and snatch these two things outta there, come find you, and point back to his room.

…drinking milk, albeit laced with chocolate, but he’s drinking milk.

…becoming more of a picky eater.  NO veggies.  None.  Guess all that bragging I did on how great of an eater he was is now flying back into my face.  Like last night’s dinner.  Typical.

…loving strawberries, bananas, pears, and cheese.  His all time favorite, sure thing, go to foods are pizza and yogurt.  Always winners here at The Money Pit.

…saying a ton of words:  Ma, Da, outside (sounds like ouh-sigh), ball, please (sounds like heez), thank you (sounds like tah ooo), and a whole bunch of jibjab that only he understands.  We just nod our heads and say “uh-huh”.  We probably give him the green light to throw a kegger three to four times a day.

…picking up toys and put them back where they belong.  I’m *not* using that as leverage or anything when trying to get his brothers to do the same thing….

…loving outside play time and when Da comes home.  Pre-cious.

…climbing the ladder to the slide.  Dude.  He gives me a heart attack every time he does this.

…walking to the fridge, attempts to open it and points with such expression to get juice.  I love a man who knows what he wants.

…sweeping my floors with the Swiffer.  There are no child labor laws at The Money Pit.

I just can’t believe this sweet little baby

is now this little guy:

who was not in the mood for picture taking.


Dump Day

And now is the time to dump everything running through my mind into one big post:

1.  I registered Frick for first grade yesterday.  FIRST GRADE.  Sheesh.

2.  Frack is sick.  Again.  103+ fever for two days.  He has a nasty looking throat, but not strep.  It’s…wait for it…viral.  :/  I’ve got my money on this virus running through each child and probably me this weekend.  Did I mention Easter dinner is here at my house?  hmmmm.

3.  Frog actually walked up to me the other day, pointed to his bottom, and said,

“Ma!  Mneons monfine whdine.  Khioweh kjhee ohweb.”

 Translation:  “Mom!  I pooped in my diaper.  Change me, please.”

Maybe the potty training pay raise (i.e no more diapers) will come sooner with this tyke than it did with his brothers.

4.  Frog also escaped from the bathroom after a nice bath and ran around the kitchen wearing nothing but his adorable birthday suit.   He then stopped, peed on the floor, jumped in the puddle of pee, and walked through the rest of the house.

5.  While we are telling stories about Frog–He loves toilet paper.  He rolled my house with the roll from the powder room  the other day.  I suppose he is practicing for his teenage years.  I must admit…I have never “rolled” a house before.

Wow.  That’s a lot of potty talk.  I’m on a roll. (pun somewhat intended)

6.  We’ve had field trips and Easter parties this week and unfortunately, Frack missed out on both.  I used an entire tank of gas between yesterday and today attending these functions, going to doctors, and picking up children from childcare.  I need another job just to pay for the ridiculous prices of gas.

Or a potty trained child.

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