Myrtle Beach 2011

We trucked it to Myrtle for a quick getaway with Uncle B, Aunt D, and the kids.

The weather?  Perfect–in the 70s.

The pools?  Heated.

The beach?  Awesome.  No sweating whatsoever.

A far cry from our July Hilton Head trips.

Our time with family?  Priceless.

And Clemson won in a nail biter, too.

I haven’t mentioned that Clemson is 7-0 this season.  What unfamiliar and exciting territory we roam!!

Some pictures of my growing boys and nephews:


Just Hangin' Out with Frick

80s Cover Album

The Whole Boy Band

We missed you Nini and Pops!


Beach Vacation 2011

Each year we take a working vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC.

Let’s be real here.  The only ones on “vacation” are the kids.

I digress….

Nini, Pops, Uncle B, Aunt D, and the cousins join our family for loads of fun, sand, pools, sweat, whining, sibling fighting (kids ones and adult ones), etc, etc, etc.

What do you do as soon as you get there?

You head straight for the sand and water.

There’s nothing quite like a sandy crotch to start your vacay off on the right foot.


 We rented bikes this year and spent our evenings biking around the island.

And Frog chilled in the back with a book, some juice and his beloved pacifier.


This year, we had professional beach photos taken.

We used our camera for outtakes.

All of these shots were taken with BP’s iPhone 4.  He used the Hipstamatic App.


Dontcha think?

As fun as going away is, it sure is good to be home.

Things Learned Along the Way, Version 2.0

We just returned from a quick but fun visit to visit Aunt D, Uncle B, and their three kids in Pittsburgh, PA.

The last trip to Pittsburgh was quite eventful, too, compiled into list format.  This just may become a Pittsburgh trip tradition.  Here’s the latest and greatest version of the list:


1.  The first indication that you will spend more than 10 hours in the car is when your 6 year old  proclaims he has to use the bathroom after only driving 36 miles.

2.  Harnessing a child in a car seat for many hours on end drives your 1 year old insane as well as his parents and grandmother, too.

3.  Purposefully not taking dramamine because you want to tend to your children instead of being knocked out cold is not a good idea.  Getting car sick in while going through the mountains of West Virginia creates a major vacuum.  Listening to your children argue and cry is even worse.  Next time I’m opting for the dramamine.  For everyone.

4.  What’s even worse than your 1 year old acting fussy?  Listening to him cry from West Virginia to Pittsburgh.  That’s a lot of crying.


Now that sounds like we had a terrible trip.

But we didn’t.  It was a fabulous trip.

5.  Holding your brand new and only niece quickly erased any misery of the car ride from H-E-double hockey sticks.

6.  Watching your boys run and play with their cousins and EVERYONE GET ALONG almost the entire time is pure joy.

7.  Having time to sit and talk with your sister in law in person is priceless.

8.  Visiting with family, eating delicious food, and laughing until you have tears streaming down your face is even better.


And then the car ride home…. *sigh*

It took 13 hours.




More traffic.


More crying.


I liken the trip to an oreo cookie.

The best part is in the middle.

Thanks, Uncle B, Aunt D, Cousin J1, Cousin J2, and Cousin A.

We can’t wait to see you again.

When you travel south.

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

The triplets are here!!

Auntie B and Uncle S had their sweet, beautiful babies Thursday night.

What a blessing they are!!

Auntie B is recovering nicely

and the babies are well tended to and making strides in the NICU.

Our family is so very blessed!

Frick and Frack were told of their new playmates shortly after their arrival.

Frick’s response:

Oh.  Cool.  Hey!  Have you seen my new hot wheels car?


One day all six of these boys are going to wreak havoc all around Downtown, Smalltown, USA.

I can see it now….



I Heart Pink

My brother and SIL (Uncle B and Aunt D) had a baby today!!

And it was a she!

A girl!!

After 5 boys between us (my three, their two)

there is finally a girl in the mix.

A precious, sweet, lovable, and thankfully healthy baby girl!

Now please excuse me…

I have some major shopping to do for all things pink, fluffy, and frilly.


Things Learned Along the Way

We just returned from Pittsburgh, PA, where we visited family for the Easter weekend.

We had a wonderful time playing with Cousin J and Cousin J2, Aunt D, and Uncle B.

We learned a few new things along the way, like:

*when your 5 month old baby decides it would be a great time to get his first ever fever of 103.4, the nurse at night in your hometown is not really a whole lot of help.

*your SIL’s pediatrician is miraculously in your network, so when you take your child to see the said pediatrician, you only have to pay your copay.

*your baby did not have ear infections like you were afraid.  He just had a gastrointestinal virus that lasted 12-24 hours.

*when your husband, brother, and mother take Frick, Frack, and Cousin J to the museums in downtown Pittsburgh, any other day of your visit would have been better than going on Opening Day for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Apparently this is the only game Pittsburghers actually attend all season.

*while stuck in traffic with every other Pittsburgher on Opening Day for the Pirates, having your gas tank on empty is not a good thing.

*but having an out of state license tag is and people understand why you are trying to get to the extreme left hand lane to exit.  At least you think they do.

*and having three very hungry four and five year old boys who are cranky kinda makes you lose your mind.

*drinking coffee while chatting with your SIL even though your baby is pooping his guts out and running a fever is WAY better than being in the car with those three cranky boys, one agitated husband, one bothered brother, and one miffed mother, on the way to a museum in downtown Pittsburgh on Opening Day for the Pirates.

So Far…

…we’ve been hanging out with  family,

…ate at Denunzio’s Italian restaurant (my favorite!)

and Primanti Brothers…

Training Camp day 1 007

…saw the 6 Lombardi trophies acquired over the years…

Training Camp day 1 014

…watched the Steelers practice on hill (loads of fun for a pregnant chick)…

Training Camp day 1 015

…and practiced our crazy poses.

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