Best Gift of 2012

I started writing …life’s about a dream  today in 2008.

Five years of journaling our lives.

For Christmas this year, BP made the blog into hardback books for me.

It was a precious and priceless gift, and one I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.


Here’s a link the the background information post.

 It’s one I usually wrote for this blog anniversary day.

I’m off to smile, laugh, reminisce, and cry while reading my blog books.



“Kid Wash”

BP built this for the boys today:

They’ve had lots of fun running and riding bikes and scooters through their very own Kid Wash.

I can’t think of a better way to usher in summer.

This may just be our method of bathing these next few months.

Renovation Realities

The Money Pit is in full renovation swing.  Again.

For those who don’t know our DIY history, I seem to have a knack for timing pregnancy and renovations.


Unfortunately, this time I am not pregnant and was put straight to work.

Enter:  The deck renovations.


BP has a 4 day weekend to turn the above into a DIY paradise with a covered walkway from our detached garage.


And here’s the proof that I am not pregnant:

The boys were helping, too.

After all, that’s why we keep having kids.

More hands to help.

Keep watching for our renovation updates.


For past house renovation links, click the “renovation” tag under the post title.

Halloween 2011

I’m a lucky girl.

I had The Karate Kid, and Darth Vader, and some random version of Spiderman to protect me while trick or treating.

And then there was this guy….

who pumped iron prior to his candy rampage.

Look at those muscles in action:

As he approached each doorstep, Muscleman Spiderman loudly stated,

“Teet teet!!”

for candy.

So manly.

We hung out with our usual Halloween crowd in my parents’ cul-de-sac for hot dogs, chili, smores, and trick or treating.

The weather was perfect.

The company was even better.

Another Halloween in the books.


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Ghosts of Halloween Past




Mini BP

 I just love candid shots.

 Our friend took the following photos at Frick’s graduation.  He even put one of Frick praying in the local paper.

SO cute.

Isn’t this picture precious?

Frick’s official 5K Graduation pose:

Compare the above photo to this one of BP:


Frick looks just like his dad.

Good lookin’ kid.


Eleven Years Ago Today

 From taking vows…

…to starting our journey…


…to adding more joy to our lives.

I’m so glad I get to spend this life with you.

I love you!


Previous Anniversary Posts:



Happy Birthday BP!

Top Five Reasons Why We Love Your Birthday

5.  It gives the boys the opportunity to stash cards they created into the deep abyss otherwise known as the space under their beds.

4.  You get to “rest” all day long (as if).

3.  You always and forever will be older than me and for exactly 8 days, you are four years older instead of just three.  It’s the little things.

2.  The boys love celebrating birthdays.  It’s even cooler to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  And there’s cake involved, which brings me to number 1:

1.  I get to make your mama’s Red Velvet Cake.  And then eat it.  For breakfast.

Happy birthday to the coolest husband, father, son, brother, friend, and so much more.

We love you BP!

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