About Us

I am a Yankee transplant (of the Pittsburgh kind), mother of three boys who keep me running. “Frick” is 8 and “Frack” is 6–they are 15 months apart (yes, we are aware of how that happens, no, they are not twins, yes, I have my hands full, and no, those are not their real names).   “Frog”, our three year old, is quickly learning the ins and outs of life with two older brothers.  As if living with Chaos, Havoc and The Newborn wasn’t enough, I teach 5 year old Kindergarten.

I’m a Clemson University graduate (Go Tigers!) as well as a Pittsburgh Steeler and Pittsburgh Penguin fan.  Many a post will deal with these sports teams, as my weekend is good or bad based on whether or not these teams perform.  You know the drill.

My husband and I have been married for twelve years. We reside in downtown, Smalltown, South Eastern USA because he made me stay here. Although I had plans to go back up to the homeland, BP really didn’t have a hard time convincing me to stay. 🙂

This blog was started to keep family and friends updated on our daily endeavors and milestones.  I am much better at updating this virtual scrapbook than the REAL scrapbooks I have for the boys.  Frick’s book is completed through his 8th month (he is 8) and Frack’s book is still in the wrapper (he is 6).  I haven’t even purchased one for Frog yet.  Nice.

Thanks for stopping by!


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