Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months

I am truly a busy mom of four.

 I have all the pictures and all the stats, but none of the time to log them into here.  Sigh. Basketball, Mathnasium, and Occupational Therapy appointments have us on the go all the time.  I clearly remember the days when Frick and Frack were babies and toddlers when I insisted they stay on schedule.  And now…what’s a schedule?  We have places to be!!  We are truly blessed that Jose is easygoing and ready to rock and roll most days.  He really doesn’t have a choice!


This will be a long post catching you up on all sweet little Jose has accomplished so far.

At Two Months….


weight:  14 lbs 2.6 oz (92%)

length: 23 in (47%)

head size: 16.5 in (88%)

Jose is:

*beginning to sleep for long stretches.   Around 5 weeks old, he started to sleep from 8:30pm to about 4:30am.  Then, the miraculous happened…he slept from 9:00pm to 6am!  He’s the first of our children to sleep so well at night.


Two month old Jose


Three Months

Our little fella is packing on the pounds and chunking up!

He smiles all the time and really only cries when he’s hungry (which is frequently–haha), tired, or has a dirty diaper.

*He lights up when his brothers talk to him.

*He sleeps well at night

*He takes about 4 naps a day

*He was baptized on October 18 at our parish on his Feast Day.  He wore the same gown his brothers wore at their baptisms.

*He was the cutest pumpkin around at Halloween.

Three months

Three months



Halloween 2014--Jose, Frack (some kind of Spiderman), Frog (another kind of Spiderman) and Frick--Jedi.

Halloween 2014–Jose, Frack (some kind of Spiderman), Frog (another kind of Spiderman) and Frick–Jedi.


Four Months

*At his Four Month appointment, he weighed 18.5 lbs

*still sleeping well

*trying to roll over


Four Months

Four Months

We had to do it. Jose had his hair cut.  Each of our boys had haircuts by 5 months.  The mullet is just too much.  His hair was trimmed with paper scissors around the ears and neck.  Poor fourth baby. Ha.

Jose’s first hair cut was on December 19.



Five Months

He ate his first foods on December 29–peas.  He tried bananas a few days later.  LOVES it all, although this picture is of the first bite of peas.  Please excuse his scratched head.  Jose has eczema like his brothers and he loves to scratch it.  😦


*He’s on the cusp of rolling over.  So.Very.Close.

*Lately, he has not been sleeping well.  He’s very fussy at night and he’s also very clingy.  I’m at a loss…it doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or your fourth.  These perplexing milestones and phases are tough to deal with anytime.

But this sweet baby has been nothing short of a blessing.  He’s brought tremendous happiness into our lives and we are blessed to have him in addition to our other boys.



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