Happy 2nd Birthday, Frog!

Sweet little Frog turns 2 today!

Once upon a time, God blessed us with a darling baby boy,

November 2009

completing the trifecta of …life’s about a dream boys.

November 2009

Frog is….

…talking so much now.  Words just started to connect like

“Me some pees.”  translation:  Give me some of what you have, please.

“Me juicy.”  translation:  I would like some juice.

“I down.”  translation:  I would like to get down now.

….still calling me “Ma” and BP “Da”.

…calling Frick and Frack by their given names.

…correctly calls one of the triplet cousins by name, the others he calls “babies”.  I know some adults around these parts that can’t do that yet.  K.

…screaming all the time.

…becoming a typical 2 year old.

…hugging his brothers constantly.

…following said brothers around and wanting to do EVERYTHING they are doing.

…asking for hugs from me.  Love.

…adjusting well to my working full time now.

…expertly using utensils at meals.

…running around and looking like a typical top heavy two year old.  I love that look.

…carrying a blanket around constantly.  And I am constantly reminded of the blanket named “Woobie” in the movie Mr. Mom.

Happy Birthday to you, my sweet Frog!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. MaryKelly
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 13:16:51

    Happy Birthday, Frog!!!! Your future wife’s B’day is in two weeks! 🙂

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