Back to School

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As I prepare my own children for their first days of school, I prepare myself for the new year as well.

Will I like my class?

How will I get to know each student?

Will I be able to challenge each one?

Will they like me?

But the most important question for myself is this:

Will I be able to instill a love of learning in my students?

You see, preschool is a springboard into the major grades.  If I can’t foster a love of learning, then I haven’t done my job.  Are the ABCs and 123s important?  Of course.  But these little ones are like the seeds planted in the ground.  They must be cultivated and bathed in sunshine.  My sunshine.

That’s why I high five them, tell them they are fabulous, and encourage them to do more.

That’s why I really get into reading aloud to my students.  They need to know how fun reading can be.  Even though these little ones are barely reading themselves, I want them to be excited to hear the stories I read.

Teaching is a challenge, but I was meant to do it.

My prayer is that my love for learning and children shows to my students and their parents.


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