My New Favorites


My iPhone has several apps I have downloaded and most of them were free.

I found one that has captivated me beyond others.

The BigOven app has recipes and a place to make a shopping list.

But by far, the best feature is called

“Get Ideas to Use Up Leftovers”.

I spent 45 minutes in my pantry the other day just typing in things I had on hand.

I clicked search and poof!  A list of recipes appeared at my fingertips.




According to the about page, Pinterest allows you to catalog all the things you love and browse other people’s favorites.  A virtual pinboard, if you will.  I have already found a lot of ideas for teacher gifts (school is just around the corner), decorating, recipes, and so much more.

I’m still learning about pinning something, but don’t be surprised if my pins wind up here.


I love how technology adds verbs to our language.  Words like Facebook, Google, pin, text, and email have invaded our language.

Just a random thought.



Frog fell asleep in my lap today.  We were watching the big boys play and he simply fell asleep.



I heart The King’s Speech and Colin Firth.

Mr. Firth is certainly not a new favorite of mine (Love, Actually is where my crush began), but I certainly like him even more now.

Have a great weekend!


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