7 Quick Takes

I’ve posted these “Brain Dump” type posts in the past.  Brain Dump posts were for all of those things floating inside my head that aren’t worthy of a post to themselves but still needed to be jotted down.

Then I realized my friend, Angie, links to The Conversion Diary’s “7 Quick Takes” each week.  What a fabulous idea!  This has just become my new Friday dump post.



Frick and Frack had their 5K and 4K graduations yesterday.  What a bittersweet moment!  They looked so grown up while singing and getting their diplomas.  Frick’s class even donned caps and gowns.  So precious!


I took a box of tissues to the graduations.  I don’t do well with milestones.  Or slideshows of pictures of my sweet guys throughout their school year coupled with music such as “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlise (can never make it through that one without tears!), “Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris, and “These Are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs.



I am extremely frustrated with my camera.  I cannot get the pictures to upload to my computer.  That explains the hold up in the graduation posts.  Sorry family.  Those posts are coming.


On a lighter note….

We are officially in summer vacation mode at The Money Pit.  Bring on the pool!


I signed the boys up for the swim team I used to swim for and then coach.  This year’s coaches are teenagers I have either taught to swim, coached, or  babysat.  Now these girls babysit and coach my kids!

I am always amazed at how cyclical life is.


Overheard from the backseat:

Frick:  Frack, when you go to heaven, there’s no sickness, death, hunger, or thirst.  But when you go to “hail” (guess we are raising a southern boy), you will get sick, die, be hungry and thirsty.  Where are you going cuz I don’t want those things!


Remember the bike show Frick planned?

We’ve tentatively planned it for June 4 and Frick is all about party planning.  Here’s his list:

Apparently this is an all day affair.



Stop by Conversion Diary for more Seven Quick Takes!


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