Sprint to the Finish

The end of school is drawing near.

Why is it the last weeks of school are always jammed packed with things?

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe our lives since last week:




*my end of school things

*the boys end of school things

*more appointments

*swim practice that started tonight, but with thunderstorms and temps of 58, yes 58 in the south, this one was quickly nixed from the schedule.

Did I mention our DVR receiver decided it would smoke

and basically start the beginnings of an electrical fire last night?


I am so thankful and blessed that it was not as big of an incident as it could have been.

On top of that, I am dealing with the pathetic emotions of my babies graduating from preschool and 5K this week.

I will be crying a river at both, for sappiness lives within me.


This craziness has left me with one thought on my mind:


Wait a minute.

 I don’t even know why I am even entertaining thoughts of sand sticking to me because I am sweating so profusely while walking to and from the hottest beach in the hottest month with the children whining because they are hot and hungry and tired.



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