Among the Living

We have been dealing with strep throat  in our house for three weeks now.  First Frack, then Frick, then Frog had a fever but tested negative for strep, then Frack again,

and then me.

Because I am the Mom, the comforter, the one who loved on her crying, whimpering babies while they battled the fever,  I was rewarded with strep as well.

The boys seemed to take the illness in stride…well…Frack continued to be his energetic self (I swear one day I will bottle that energy and make millions).  Frick was a little more pathetic, but once his antibiotic kicked in, he was fine.

Me, on the other hand…  notsomuch.

I felt like I was hit by a train.  Over and over again.

Each time I got up because I felt like I could handle it and couldn’t stand laying there anymore, my body quickly reminded me that I need to be in bed.

The Zpack has been great, I feel so much better.


Strep throat?

You create a vacuum.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Anti-Supermom
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 22:29:55

    Hope everyone is feeling healthy now!

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