2010 Created a Vacuum

For realz.

2010 was one of the worst and most expensive years we’ve ever had.

It started off with the passing of BP’s father in late December 2009.  All of the monstrous amounts of paperwork that comes along with death consumed us for months to follow.  Oh and the emotional baggage was swell, too.

Frog had many medical issues and a surgical procedure in April.  That was one of the scariest things we have ever been through.  I earned an honorable nursing degree over that.

The washer broke.  Enter Pete and Sally.

The refrigerator broke.  Then the new refrigerator’s water line leaked and my hardwood floors buckled.

The HVAC unit in one of our rentals broke and needed to be replaced complete with new duct work.

BP’s grandfather passed away in October.  More paperwork.  More emotional baggage.

Clemson had a stellar season.  NOT.

All three boys came down with a stomach virus over Christmas.  That was loads fun.  Pete and Sally were working in overdrive.


With all of these not so fun things going on, we were blessed with new babies to the family which added a silver lining to our otherwise dark-clouded year:

My first (and probably only) niece was born.  All things pink and frilly rock.

Our triplet nephews were born, are healthy, and settling in at home.

Thank the Lord for the good things!


Tonight we will celebrate a New Year.

A new beginning.

We will be toasting the POSITIVE possibilities a new year can bring with great friends.


Happy New Year!




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