A Few Updates…

Frog is really starting to make some major developments.  While he’s not really walking yet, just taking those little steps here and there, he is beginning to do other things:

*He’s crawling very quickly around the house.  I think that’s the reason he’s not interested in walking…he’s already getting to where he wants to go without any major problems.  Why fix something that’s not broken?  I’m sure not complaining.

*Frog understands what I’m telling him. For instance, I was getting ready to cuddle and rock him before nap time today. I sat in the rocking chair in his nursery.  He spied me from across the room and crawled to me.  When he reached the chair, I told him to close the door.  He quickly turned around, closed the door, headed back to me, and clapped his hands.

*He LOVES the Linus and Lucy song.  When he hears it in the car, he claps, laughs, and crazily kicks his feet.  When he is crying (as he always does) when I change his diaper, I reach up to where my Nano is docked and turn on the song.  Laughter ensues.

*He plays with his brothers’ cars and actually makes the vroom vroom sound as he pushes them.

And the one I am most proud of:

*He blows spit bubbles.

Nice, huh?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Dana
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 06:53:41

    Linus and Lucy huh? I’ll store that away for future reference.. And spit bubbles are the best 😉 he’s so adorable!

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