Mary and Joseph Revisited

BP and I portrayed Mary and Joseph in a live nativity.  It was such a fun way to get into the real reason of the Christmas season.

Our scene was called The Journey, where Mary, who is very much with child, and Joseph were resting by a fire for the night before making their way into the city of Bethlehem.  Our donkey munched on some hay and remained quite calm this year. There have been years when Festus, the donkey, did not appreciate being tied to a stake in the ground.

There were other live animals throughout our little Bethlehem. One of the nights this week, some of the goats decided to move from one grassy knoll to another in the parking lot without the supervision of their handler.  The actors who were playing shepherds began to do just that…shepherd the goats back to their areas.  It’s been a very realistic nativity.

Several of my students, current and former, have been walking through Bethlehem this week.  Some had to be silenced by their parents upon recognizing me, just before a “Mrs. TEACHER!!” came flying out of their mouths.

I love my students.  🙂


There was some of down time while we waited for groups to make their way to our scene.

To make good use of the time, BP and I practiced our lines.


BP: (holding his staff) Watch me turn this stick into a snake!

Me: I need an epidural…STAT!!

Donkey: Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw!!

BP took the above photo with his iPhone.  I am positive Joseph had one of those in his day.  He needed the GPS feature to find his way to Bethlehem, duh.

All joking aside, we understand the seriousness of our roles.  We were humbled to play these important people and thrilled to be a part of this nativity in our community.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Debra Elramey
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 13:43:41

    Mandy, I smiled throughout the reading of this post – love your sense of humor…. “Watch me turn this into a snake!…. I need an epidural… He needed the GPS feature to find his way to Bethlehem.”
    Living history at its best!
    So glad I paid a visit to the live nativity today.

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