Road Trip

Frick, Frack, Frog, and I accompanied BP on a little road trip this weekend.  BP had to work a little in the city where my dear friend Tara lives.  Tara just had her second baby and I had to meet the little tyke!

The plan was to drive up Friday night, spend the night in a hotel, wait for BP to finish around lunch, and then go see Tara and family.

Let me just tell you how much fun the boys had.

We threw schedules out the window.

The boys finally fell asleep on the oh-so-cool-pull-out-couch-bed-thingy around 10:15pm–approx. 2.5 hours later than usual.


They rose at their normal farmer-like hour–we sometimes call them The Farmers because they are up with the sun every.single.morning.

BP left to work around 7:45am and the party began.

We jumped on beds.


We twirled around in an office chair over and over and over and over.

Frick ate 2 huge waffles with syrup.

Frack ate 3 bowls of Fruit Loops.


Frog happily watched his brothers play and devour any and every food item in sight.

The fun continued at Tara and Brandon’s house, where they played with their little boy who is 2.  By the time we were gathering our 16 bags-of-God-knows-what and 3 children to leave, Brandon had the boys in stitches and Frick proclaimed:

That guy cracks me up!


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  1. Missy
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 13:48:19

    How fun! Staying up late, jumping on beds, huge breakfasts – sounds like a good time! I am catching up in bloggyland finally, hope you have been well!

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