Recipe Call

I need some good recipes for meals that freeze well in order to stock up when Baby #3 or “Frog” arrives.  I will be nursing, so I am going to avoid spicy foods.

Whatcha got in your recipe files?

BTW…the new little one will be Frog.

I think.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pooba
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 16:21:14

    Even though I like Frock, I guess Frog is the next best thing 🙂

    Hmm, I think Lasagna freezes well???

  2. Mandy
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 16:22:28

    Ah…yes! Lasagna! I will be making one of those….

  3. BP
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 16:25:23

    Frog is perfect for a Navy man’s Son. Frog it is.

  4. jen@ourdailybigtop
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 16:40:42

    I like Frog. Hmm. I’ll have to dig around for freezer friendly foods for you. Do you have one of those places where you can make a bunch of meals at the same time? Chicken parm, meatloaf, any sort of casserole. I’ll get back to you 🙂

  5. Michelle @ One Crafty Mama
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 18:20:45

    I’d make some lasagna’s, meatloaf….I have a great recipe for this mashed potato chicken dish that is to die for and would probably freeze well. I’ll have to search my blog and see if I ever posted it.

  6. melissa
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 21:08:56

    Were you able to get the ones I messaged to you today? If not, I can try to copy and paste them in an email and send them your way. I hope you are doing well!

  7. EntertainingMom
    Oct 02, 2009 @ 06:55:54

    awwww, little frogs are so cute too!

  8. theefficientparent
    Oct 02, 2009 @ 22:30:13

    Frogs are my favorite, so it’s got my vote!

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