Following Suit

Frack:  I some a$$ cream!

Me:  Huh?!?!

Frack:  I some a$$ cream, Mama!  CHOCOLATE!




Reminds me of this post written of Frick in October 2008:

When your child says

ice cream

but it sounds like

a$$ cream,

do you get him the cool, sweet, and yummy stuff

or the soothing, pasty, medicated stuff?


Just wondering.


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hyperactive lu
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 18:00:20

    so they are BOTH saying it now?! whew!

  2. MK
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 18:06:00

    So funny!!! Thanks again, and I hope you get
    to feeling better, it goes by SO fast, so enjoy the
    good and bad…I’m so happy for ya’ll!

  3. Midwest Mommy
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 18:09:12

    Oh that’s great! Even when he said chocolate I still wasn’t quite sure, lol.

  4. Jen@ourdailybigtop
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 20:26:39

    Your boys say the funniest things! You’re going to love going back reading all these posts one day.

  5. Kimberly
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 20:46:33

    How funny! We’ve been missing you at Jazz. Hope you are feeling better soon. You aren’t making me want to be preggo anytime soon! I’m supposed to be trying to get baby fever, ya know! 🙂

  6. Pooba
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 21:17:01

    ha! the medicated stuff! That’s what he asked for wasn’t it?

  7. Michelle
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 22:37:29

    LOL! I think the sweet stuff is in order.

  8. Jaina
    Apr 30, 2009 @ 11:24:48

    Lol. Too funny. I vote for the cold sweet stuff. Maybe with some sprinkles.

  9. The Blonde Duck
    May 01, 2009 @ 20:02:59

    And just think–you’ll have another new set of quotes soon!

  10. Aubrey
    May 01, 2009 @ 20:57:32

    This was hilarious! I would give him option #2. LOL

  11. Brianna
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 23:25:04

    I think a simple “LOL” will suffice for an appropriate comment. 🙂

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