Yesterday was not.good.

I had my first EVER real battle with morning sickness.

I am almost out of the first trimester.

I shouldn’t be tired.  But I am.

I should have energy!  But I don’t.

I shouldn’t be feeling like I am about to pass out.  But I did.

I shouldn’t think ginger ale is my new favorite drink.  But it is.

Everyone thinks it will be a girl.  But the jury’s still out on that.

(We’ll find out for sure in about a month.)

 But I feel it in my bones…it’s a boy.

Saves me money.  I’m cool with that.




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  1. Missy @ Bees and Booboos
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 09:45:06

    Ugh. I am sorry. I just wanted to say that I think every single mommy blogger I know is pregnant right now. I was catching up on my blog reading and seriously, everyone is. Not a bad thing, just an observation. 🙂
    I hope the yuckiness does not continue…

  2. EntertainingMom
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 09:51:41

    I’m sorry you are feeling icky. I used to try to tell myself that was a positive sign. You’re almost out of the Icky Zone. With my #2 and #3 ms started a little later and lasted a little later, but when it was done it was done. Meantime, put your feet up and rest!

  3. Angela
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 10:43:23

    Hmm…it seems to me that every time someone has a third child and has all new symptoms from the first two pregnancies, it means you’re getting something different! My guess…it’s a girl! And our daughters can be friends 🙂

  4. paisana
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 11:00:09

    I have no idea how I missed the fact that you are expecting, but CONGRATS!!!!

  5. MK
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 11:01:19

    You ARE so having a girl!!!!!!!! Missed you last night, Jessica sold alot of jewelry!!!

  6. Regan Traylor
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 12:07:43

    I am sorry you are not feeling well but not that sorry if this is the first time EVER! Lucky you that for the first two pregnancies you had no sickness! I didn’t know that was an option. 🙂 Can’t wait to find out what you are having!!

  7. The Blonde Duck
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 13:07:03

    I just hope you feel better! Morning sickness is no fun!

  8. Mimi
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 13:55:16

    Hugs. I’m sorry.

  9. jen@ourdailybigtop
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 14:57:07

    I was the sickest with #3…I think b/c we don’t really give ourselves time to stop (you know having 2 other kids). I hope it gets better.

  10. Hip Mom's Guide
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 17:34:17

    Oh those boys….wonder if it really is?

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. That part, I don’t miss at all. 🙂

  11. Sara-Beth
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 21:32:03

    You have all my sympathy for feeling icky… it stinks! Saltines, toast before your feet ever touch the floor, and bananas. Room temp. diet coke helped me too.

    Some pink in your house might be fun…

  12. Saltybaby
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 23:36:23

    I felt like I was about to be sick all day, every day, from the 8th or 9th week on. I mean, a nasty queezy feeling that I could get any relief from. But I never actually “tossed my cookies” until the last day of my 4th month. One bad “toss” then it was all over, Once I got it out, I felt quite well from then on until delivery day. Sorry that you are feeling ill, as time passes, it will get better. I think another boy would be great! : )

  13. Heather
    Apr 18, 2009 @ 23:00:59

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. It is hard with 2 little one already. As if just chasing after them isn’t hard enough by itself! I was so tired when I was pregnant with Abbi and ready to pass out as soon as the boys were in bed. It showed too, the house…let’s not even get into to that!

  14. Louisa
    Apr 19, 2009 @ 03:30:20

    Congrats on the baby! I’ve been out of blogland for a while so missed that update – wonderful news! I’m with Missy, there is a baby boom happening in blogland!!! Hope that this is your only encounter with morning sickness!

  15. Half-Past Kissin' Time
    Apr 19, 2009 @ 19:33:27

    Isn’t baby cooking fun?! 🙂

  16. Amanda
    Apr 19, 2009 @ 20:18:28

    I was totally wrong with that gut feeling on both of mine. I just KNEW Avery was a girl…wrong. And well I just KNEW Lauren was another boy – wrong. I have to say though that my pregnancies were the same for the most part – only I gained weight mostly in the front with Lauren…..I sure hope you have a girl!!!

  17. Amanda
    Apr 19, 2009 @ 20:18:51

    Oh but yes you are right – another boy sure will save $$!!!!

  18. Donnetta
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 20:26:27

    I’m thinking GIRL!!!!!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  19. Jaina
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 10:32:14

    I hope that morning sickness doesn’t stick around. Feel better!

  20. Michelle
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 16:48:07

    I was dead tired, always hungry and sick nearly the entire pregnancy with both of my girls. I say girl! 🙂

  21. anti-supermom
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 17:19:13

    Honestly, i’m not sure I’d do well with a girl if I had one 🙂

    Feel better soon.

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