He did it!!

Frick scored a goal!

Too bad it was for the other team.

At least he is aiming for the nets and having fun.  




15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cassie
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 17:48:17

    Oh yay! Who cares if it was for the other team right? Did you ever see that episode of Full House? lol

  2. Jessica
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 18:19:08

    who cares? a net is a net is a net is a net! Right?!! 😉

  3. Michelle
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 20:50:22

    Awwww, I remember those days of wee soccer when all the kids chased the ball like bees to the hive.

  4. Saltybaby
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 22:11:00

    That’s GREAT!!!………Our friday game was canceled from all the RAIN this week. The field was too muddy.

  5. Amy
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 02:37:16

    Awesome! I am so proud of him, and the great thing is just think of the laughter therapy that you, Brad and the other parents are getting from Frick and his teammates. Must admit, that in my early athletic career (rec basketball), I made several goals for the other team and I was much older. I was just so excited and scared to get the ball in my hands that I had to get it out of my hands as soon as possible, even if that meant in the other team’s goal. Can’t wait to see you guys!

  6. hyperactivelu
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 07:50:14

    Hee hee! So glad he IS having fun and obviously he understands what to do!!! 🙂

  7. Jen@OurDailyBigTop
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 17:41:06

    Having fun – that’s all the matters.

  8. vodkamom
    Apr 05, 2009 @ 21:22:17

    omg I love that. I remember those days…sigh…

  9. Angela
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 09:22:11

    Hahahahaha!! What a cutie!

    And to respond to your last comment to me…
    I’m feeling pretty good right now! Other than being more tired than normal and the whole out-growing all of my clothes thing, I really can’t complain. I know plenty of people who have felt a lot worse. How about you? Any morning sickness or anything?

  10. Mimi
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 13:38:29

    Good job on the goal, and I’m sure noone noticed it was for the other team 🙂

  11. Angie @ Many Little Blessings
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 13:55:45

    Good job on the goal, Frick! This is just a sign that you are a very helpful boy, since you helped the other team get a point — that’s all. 😉

  12. Heather
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 14:35:47

    Cute, I am just waiting for Noah’s wee ball to see if any of them run the wrong way!

  13. Blond Duck
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 17:12:06

    I’m so glad ya’ll aren’t those neurotic soccer parents! Did you find out what the new little one is yet? I’m dying over here!

  14. Pooba
    Apr 07, 2009 @ 14:08:14

    hahaha! No way! That is awesome! I love little kid bumble bee soccer games!

  15. Cassie
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 10:53:42

    He ROCKS!!! Enthusiasm is the best thing you can get from the little guy soccer players. Most of them are just out there staring at the grass or crying, right?

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