Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Frick’s first soccer game is tomorrow morning. 

We may have a rain out.

Or a mud slide.


Frack is perfecting his potty training.

He pooped on the potty the other morning.  

Unfortunately for all parties involved,

it was an isolated incident.


On the phone with Nini:

Nini:  Frick, how old do you have to be to drink coffee?

Frick:  Um….35.

Nini:  Ok.  How old do you have to be to drink wine?  

Frick:  Oh.  5 or 6.  


I have yet to figure out why Nini was asking these questions to our 4 year old.  Gotta love Nini.  🙂


Frick and Frack a.k.a. The Farmers did not receive the memo passed around the office declaring a vacation day from school.  They were up at 6:45.  Which means Mom was up at 6:45 on her day off.  Swell.


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14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 11:37:33

    Yeah, I’ll never forget when Cooper was only a few months old and my brother was asking my about my day. I told him that I had to get up at 5 that morning with Cooper (his usual wake up and feeding at that time) and my brother said, “but it’s Saturday!”. Yeah, tray explaining that to a 3 month old, or 4 year old for that matter.

  2. Amy
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 11:39:19

    BTW – tell BP that I love the pic today of him with the new Vdub. I was admiring the lovely shiny luster of the silver paint, and then I realized that was his hair! 🙂 Sorry, BP couldn’t help myself.

  3. Donnetta
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 13:23:01

    Baby chicklet saw an empty pitcher and wanted to know if it was for my margaritas! Those kids!

  4. Pooba
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 13:29:21

    LOL, I love the random age of 35 that he came up with. obviously he’s not a big fan of coffee, wine on the other hand….

  5. hyperactive lu
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 13:58:34

    ha! alcohol- 5 or 6yrs old!? good gosh! they start younger and younger! 🙂

    hope you ALL take a GOOD nap! rest up chick!

  6. Mimi
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 14:10:57

    Bwahahahahahahahaha I love the ages on the drinks!
    Best wishes on the first game.

  7. Cassie
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 14:25:54

    ha! why was she asking how old he needed to be to drink wine? and his answer….maybe he thought the question was “what time does it need to be to drink wine?” LOL

  8. nini
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 16:26:30

    Hey, I love that thought, Cassie. Yeah, what time does it have to be….. but the answer is 4 because it’s Daylight Savings Time!
    Explanation: Drew got on the phone and I said hi. He asked if I were sleeping? No, but I am drinking my morning coffee! Oh, he said. I quicky asked, Do you drink coffee? Ah, NO. Well, how old do you have to be to drink coffee?
    Ummmm, 35! OK. Then, how old do you have to be to drink wine? Oh, 5 or 6! I guess he thinks he’s gonna get the wine a Mass next year!

  9. Sabrina
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 21:01:09

    Its posts like this that make me wish I would have blogged when Alex was a little guy! Kids are so funny!

    Good luck on the game, I hope the sun comes out!

    Too funny!

  10. Half-Past Kissin' Time
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 00:16:12

    Your fragment about the “isolated incident” cracked me up; wishing you more potty poops in your near future… 🙂

  11. Jenni Jiggety
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 18:14:45

    MMMMMmmmm… Mudslides…

  12. Jessica
    Mar 29, 2009 @ 08:50:58

    I love Nini!

    In this house you drink wine as soon as you are old enough to try to steal a sip from Mommy’s glass without her noticing! But Mommy has eyes on the back of her head so she always knows. It’s funny though.

  13. Saltybaby
    Mar 29, 2009 @ 16:33:42

    I feel your pain. Danny is up every morning between 6:00 am and 7:oo am, reguardless of what day it is! he never sleeps past 7:00 am, EVER!

  14. Jaina
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 10:24:38

    Haha, love the ages for coffee and wine. 🙂

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