Quotable Quips

Frack omits prepositions from his sentences.  You can easily figure out what he is saying and usually you end up laughing.  You see, the preposition neglect winds up creating a very funny statement. 



(while playing at the kitchen in the playroom, setting the table with play food)

Mama, you eat me?


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. midwest mommy
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 09:24:21

    lol! That’s great.
    I added you to my blogroll 🙂

  2. hyperactive lu
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 11:08:03

    Haha! That is cute!

  3. Cassie
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 15:19:56

    Bahaha. He’s so funny.

  4. Blond Duck
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 17:17:53

    LOL! He’s getting it down early!

  5. Dana Ellis
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 17:56:51

    So cute! I’ve never known anyone to be able to use as few words as you do and still tell such a great story. If I could just learn to do that, I could save myself a ton of time!

  6. Jenni Jiggety
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 20:11:03

    LOL! Cute!

  7. Donnetta
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 20:54:30

    Considering I tell baby chicklet all the time that I’m gonna take a bite outta her, I’d say YEP!!!

  8. Pooba
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 21:04:01

    Only if he pairs well with a pinot!

  9. Angie @ Many Little Blessings
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 21:58:39


  10. Amy
    Mar 25, 2009 @ 04:40:38

    Little do they know that when they are so cute, we do want to eat them up! Can’t wait to see Frick and Frack and the uniform. Think I can get him to model it for me?

  11. Jaina
    Mar 25, 2009 @ 16:06:05

    Too cute. I bet you have enough for a coffee table book of those quotes. 🙂

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