Today He Was….

The note sent home from Frack’s teacher was copied from a book with sayings that can be circled to describe the child’s behavior in a positive way.  

As I preschool teacher, I LOVE this.  

As his Mama, I know better.  

These were the two phrases circled for today:


Today I was…

…busy as a beaver!

…very energetic!




I need that energy to tackle the cleaning that needs to be done before my mother’s club meeting

HERE at The Money Pit.


Time to get busy and energetic.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 13:55:25

    I’d worry about a boy that wasn’t energetic. 🙂

  2. Jen@ourdailybigtop
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 15:13:07

    I wish I could bottle up kids’ energy. It’d be like a red bull x 10…think of all the things we could accomplish. (btw, I’ve never had a red bull but isn’t that supposed to give you a boost?)

  3. nottryingforaboy
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 15:31:18

    I agree with Michelle. Boys and kids are supposed to be energetic.

  4. hyperactive lu
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 15:57:18

    How funny! Your boys crack me up and I think you could write a book!!!

    And I agree- boys are energetic! For some reason, ppl think that that is a bad thing!!! 😉 One day when they are teenagers, we’ll wish they saved some of it for later!!!

  5. Mrs. Cox
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 16:24:32

    I agree with Michelle lol. G’luck with the cleaning 😉

  6. Heather
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 16:33:15

    Both of our boys are very energetic…I think it comes with the territory. We just have to train them how to use that energy…not an easy task! 🙂

  7. Sharon
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 19:31:52

    Yeah! Why do people always so they’re energetic in a negative way?
    That mindset seriously has me favoring single sex classes.
    But anywho…
    Aidan would have a note like that every day if they did that. How cute. It’s a nice idea.

  8. Jenners
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 20:23:26

    Too cute! It is pretty easy to “read between the lines” but that was a great way for her to do it! Love it!

  9. Lori
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 22:56:16

    I have one little boy and he is so “busy as a beaver!”
    I have enjoyed reading your blog!

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