Wordful Wednesday



Does your area have a  Ronald McDonald House?  

This newborn girl’s parents are currently staying at one in Tulsa while she recovers.


We have one because of a wonderful children’s hospital located downtown.

  My mother’s club picks an item (such as laundry detergent, travel size toothpastes, breakfast bars, etc) per month and we bring them to our meetings.  At Christmas, we took up money and I divided it all into 10 dollar gift cards from Wal-Mart to be used as gifts for families staying over the holidays.

 I am the liaison this year, the one who takes the items to the RMH.  The boys love going with me to Ronald McDonald’s House.   🙂

This is a wonderful way of teaching my boys about this charity and the lesson of helping others.  I have decided that when our mother’s club year ends in May, I am going to continue to donate items on my own.  It is such a delightful feeling when the ladies working at RMH all but cry when I drop off bags of supplies.  

Now my boys get to feel it, too.


Ways you can help a local RMH:

1. Donate items such as:

laundry detergent

prewash spray

dishwashing liquid (sink and dishwasher)


shampoo/conditioner and other toiletries

breakfast bars

travel size toothpaste and brushes

gift cards

2.  Volunteer

3.  Save the pop tabs on your sodas

4.  Donate money

5.  Legacy Planning


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16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hyperactive lu
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 07:50:26

    I have been reading Harper’s story on Kelly’s blog. The Ronald McDonald house is such an awesome service and a great way to teach the kiddos. 🙂 Great job Mandy!

  2. jen@ourdailybigtop
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 09:34:21

    What a wonderful way to teach your kids about service. I’m going to check to see if there’s one in our area.

  3. anti-supermom
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 10:45:07

    what a great mother you are for showing them how important this is, so early on.

    I brought the boys to the hospital that I volunteer at and they just didn’t get it.

    But it was fun to show them the tube system – they loved that 🙂

  4. Tiaras & Tantrums
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 11:50:30

    love the photo

  5. angie
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 12:18:19

    Wonderful post. I’ve always thought the Ronald McDonald houses were such a wonderful thing, and his list of items that would be helpful is so nice.

  6. Amy
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 12:52:58

    Great photo! A magical WW to you!

  7. Life with Kaishon
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 14:24:57

    We have a Ronald McDonald house and we love to do nice things for them! Great post with a great idea!

  8. amanda
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 15:08:06

    Yes we have one! How sweet what you do to help out. And great lessons to teach the boys!

    Oh and I have been following baby Harper too…what a beautiful little girl. The basket she got from SC came from the Butcher’s in the Columbia area – a dear friend I met thru my blog and in real life. Her daughter Annabelle was a heart baby and shares a birthday TODAY with my sweet Lauren.

  9. Angela
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 17:21:06

    I actually live in Tulsa and NOW I am going to see what I can do at the Ronald McDonald house. I have been looking up different charities to see what I could do and somehow wanted to work it in with sick children and NOW I have the perfect place! Thanks!

  10. Elizabeth
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 19:59:56

    They do a great thing; they really do!

  11. vodkamom
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 20:17:54

    Great, great idea.


  12. Hip Moms Guide
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 20:30:48

    What a great post! And what a great example you’re setting for your boys. I’m so glad to hear you include them–it’s a life lesson they’ll be sure to remember.

  13. Jennifer
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 20:52:04

    Fantastic post, Mandy! And great info–I have never thought of bringing supplies to the RMH here! It’s also a good reminder to pray every time we drive by–I already have a habit of doing that when we drive by emergency vehicles and hospitals :o)

  14. Michelle
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 21:33:26

    We have cooked for the families at the RMDH a few times. It was scary at first cooking for 60 people, but it ended up being a lot of fun and very rewarding!

  15. Blond Duck
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 14:05:37

    What a great lesson to teach your boys!

  16. Jess
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 19:34:47

    Harper’s story made me cry. I’m so glad that she is doing so much better and is going to get to go home. I know how scary babies not breathing can be, my little brother went through a similar issue at birth, albeit not as extensive as Harper’s.

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