Dear Friends and Family,

Below is my lame attempt at updating you all for our Christmas letter.  Unlike our Christmas card, this did not travel through the US Postal Service.  Instead, it is traveling through the vast internets.  I also get to talk in third person, one of my favorite things to do since joining Facebook and Twitter.


Dear Friends and Family, 

We have been receiving your cards and letters in the mail each day.  We are doing well and thanks for asking.  


Mandy loves working in the preschool.  Teaching where your children attend has proven to be wonderful and horrible at the same time. It’s great to be a part of the boys school activities.  But it’s a challenge to separate yourself as Mommy and Teacher. Wiping noses and bums is not so fun either.  


The kids are doing great.  Frick loves learning and works hard in school.  He loves to count, sing, and “read”.  Frick is dressing himself, making his bed, setting and clearing the dishes on the table.  Favorite activity:  climbing on things


Frack as an affinity for the time out chair and the director’s office at school.  Seems as if the teacher’s kid needs some extra discipline.  Let me tell you, that one there is out of a different mold.  He loves to sing, play, push, and hit.   He also enjoys setting the table by throwing the plates to see if they land in the right spots and clearing the table by ramming trucks into the plates so they fly to the floor.  Favorite activity:  sleeping in strange positions.


BP’s job is going well and we are blessed that it is because of the state of the economy.  Renovations went well and of course tripled in price as we got into it.  We kind of expected that, but it still does not make that pill any easier to swallow.  We  also own the house across the street from us and it is currently up for sale or lease.  Say a prayer that moves, please!  Hey, we hear the neighbors are great.  


Have a blessed holiday season,


BP, Mandy, Frick and Frack

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Blonde Duck
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 19:17:10

    Great idea!

  2. hyperactive lu
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 20:27:29

    Cute one!

  3. Sharon
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 21:24:03

    Um, I think Frack & my Aidan may be twins!! At least by personality. PLEASE tell me how you handle it. I know he IS a good kid, but I’m not so sure his teacher sees it. 😦

    Cute letter, btw! Merry Christmas!

  4. Mandy
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 07:58:14

    Frack is one of a kind! 🙂 He is the sweetest little boy, but extremely impulsive. A typical almost-three-year old. I am not sure that what I am doing is working…but I am trying to be consistent with discipline. This is a question for my mom (Nini).

    Nini….are you there??? We need a pep talk! 🙂

  5. Jessica
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 08:15:36

    You could act as a double agent… tell all the perspective buyers about the WONDERFUL family across the street! LOL

    Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

  6. Cassie
    Dec 20, 2008 @ 00:31:26

    How many bedrooms??? I’m only 1/2 kidding even though I live in MD.

  7. anti-supermom
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 11:13:17

    I love this idea, can I borrow it, maybe a little mid-year newsletter, if only my older family would know what the internet is 🙂

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