Tinkerbell* and Frick were chatting the car again this morning on the way to school.

Tink: Frick, will you please buy me some Tinkerbell stuff for my birthday? (she purrs)

Frick: Uh…um…I don’t know. (he stammers)

Tink: Come on, Frick.

Frick: Uh…well, I guess so.

Tink: Thanks.  I knew you would.

Tinkerbell is currently tutoring me in the subject of “How to Ask for Gifts” for the upcoming holiday season.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cassie
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 18:13:22

    Niiice. Smart girl ha.

  2. Mrs. Newlywed
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 18:39:21

    haha! girls learn early.

  3. Missy
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 19:54:07

    That is funny! Ha!

    BTW, I left you some bloggy love on my blog…

  4. Megryansmom
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 07:36:01

    Congrats on being Saucy. I’ve been slacking a bit in the commenting dept.

  5. Brenda
    Nov 19, 2008 @ 19:16:15

    BAHAHAHAHA I will have to use that when I’m asking for something next time:) I love it!

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