Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?


I slipped (after I scrubbed and mopped the floor) in the bathroom.  

One arm landed IN the toilet–THANK GOD it was just cleaned.

One foot was rammed into the tub.





Frick:  Can I have french fries for dinner?

Me:  No, we are having oven baked potatoes.  They are kind of like fries.

Frick:  Hmmm….potatoes.  Oh, I had potatoes a few days ago.  I don’t need any more.




Frack still amazes me with his sleeping positions…




Notice he still has the goose egg from Halloween.



Go Tigers!

Beat FSU!





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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hyperactivelu
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 17:18:46

    I hope you’re ok from the fall! Sounds painful!

  2. Half-Past Kissin' Time
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 22:22:53

    I’m so glad you weren’t seriously hurt (and that I wasn’t there, because I would have laughed uproariously; cuz that’s what I do when people get hurt.) Again, glad you’re okay!

  3. Sabrae Carter
    Nov 08, 2008 @ 00:48:55

    Glad you weren’t hurt!!! But I think if I would have seen something like that I would have had to have had a chuckle at your expense! Of course though I would be genuily (sp) concerned! lol

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