Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?


I still have not picked out costumes for the boys.

No dinero = no store bought costumes

I was thinking Bob the Builder (already have the tool set, hard hat, etc.)


black eyed peas (paint black eye, P on white T-shirt).



Yesterday, I checked on the boys about an hour after I put them down for their naps.  

Frick was still awake.

Frack was naked and still awake.  

It took me a moment to figure this out.  Hiding my smile, I asked him why he was naked.

“I pee.”

Smile faded.

“You peed?”

“Uh huh.”


“Ober der!” (as he points to the corner of the room)




I received this email from a student’s parent:

(printed with permission, of course!)

*names have been changed, again.


I was helping Fred* play on the computer today –  A picture of Dora came up and he said “Dora Saves the Ice Princess”.

That is what it said under the picture.  

I said “How did you know it said that?”

 He said “Because I am smart”.

 I said “Yes you are.  Who made you smart?”  

He always says “Jesus” when we ask him this.

 Today he says

“Mrs. (insert my last name here)!!


That, my friends, is the very reason I teach.




Go visit Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin’ Time for more

Friday Fragments!




16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dana
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 10:45:54

    I think we need a mommy retreat! I don’t know the details but it involves very little responsibilities. Costumes.. I have a ninja, spiderman, doctor, and karate costume and parts of a pirate (vest, hook, and hand thing) various princess and fairy type things though I don’t suppose you’d be interested in those. Why do I have boy costumes you might ask? For when we have boy friends come play. You’re welcome to use any of those. Good seeing you today!

  2. Danielle
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 11:47:35

    Have you ever seen cousin J’s train conductor dress up outfit? There’s a hat and a bib overall thing and a red bandanna — it’s cute. You’re welcome to it. I’ll bring it this weekend.

    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  3. Amanda
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 11:52:26

    That teacher story is sweet!!! And funny about Frack… I have found Avery naked one time – asleep – pee everywhere.

  4. hyperactivelu
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 11:54:29

    We did Bob the Builder. It was so easy and cheap! 🙂 My favorite of Chandler’s costumes so far. We went to Kid 2 Kid and found a costume for Chandler for $10. Can’t beat that!

    Hope you have a great day “off”!!!!

  5. Cassie
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 12:16:35

    The peeing one cracked me up!

  6. jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 13:38:29

    Good luck with the costumes, it sounds like you’re getting some great ideas so far! I still haven’t figured out what my kids will wear either.

    That email is adorable! Thank so much for sharing, it definitely brought a smile!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. jamey
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 14:13:48

    yeah the pee story is classic! I have all girls so I am clueless about boys, but good luck with costume hunting!

  8. Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 16:18:45

    I haven’t a clue what toddler is going to be for Halloween. I keep thinking, ‘she doesn’t even know what Halloween is, do we need to get her something?’ LOL

    Hilarious pee story!


  9. angie
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 17:00:53

    When I was inpatient with my twins (for 10 weeks), one of the nurses always called them frick and frack. Love it. Sorry about that pee in the corner though. 🙂

  10. Mrs.4444
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 21:00:12

    You never disappoint with your FF posts! LOVED the pee story! There’s a cool website for homemade costume ideas. I think it’s Good luck!

  11. Rachel (SpaceofGrace)
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 08:12:47

    Ha ha ha!! I love it! Thanks for the morning laugh… I am raising boys too (4 of them under 7 years old) so I soooo know what you mean about perpetual motion!!! Come visit me sometime. I love your blog. 🙂

  12. Brandie
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 17:07:56

    When Isaac gets a full scholarship one day we’ll remember it all started in 3K!!! Thanks for being a great teacher!

  13. wheresmyangels
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 23:33:22

    Ok, that had me rollin! Between the pee and Jesus, I’m not sure which was funnier!

    My mom was a teacher and I’ll have to tell her this one, she will love it!

    I’ve got the Mr. Linky now connected to my 80’s post if your wanting to participate. It took me alot of head banging but think I got it.

  14. Kelsey
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 17:41:04

    I just adore that story about the child in your class, that is just so sweet!

  15. Kelley
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 18:58:43

    Thanks for stopping by from SITS today! I’ve enjoyed your blog! : )

  16. noah's mommy
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 20:45:03

    ooohhh if they have a plaid flannel shirt…or any shirt…just get some straw…stuff it around them…make them a scarecrow…

    glasses and a toy stethescope…mad scientist

    mummy….get rip up an old white sheet….

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