Smashing Saturday

Our Saturday was extremely busy, yet fun. The boys had a birthday party at 10:00 at a jumping place again. Frack got hungry for lunch and pitched fit for all to see. It was actually kind of funny…this party was for twin girls who are students in my class this year. ALL of my classroom parents (and then some others from the school) got to see this display of two year old behavior. I wasn’t as mortified as I thought I would be, since we had an audience of people who take notes on my own children’s behaviors. Frack was hungry and it was the ONE time I didn’t have any snacks in my bag. He was fine once the cake was cut.

We got home, napped, and then went to the Festival taking place downtown, which is walking distance from our house. We jumped around some more with our park pals and had ice cream. When we got back home, BP was tilling my garden! The boys got in on the action and helped their dad get it ready for plants. They also planted wildflowers in the beds. They had a ball. My vegetables go in the garden today.

Compost pile…ahh, sweet compost pile (not so sweet smelling!). I Googled compost pile and came up with an incredible list of all things that can go into it. Unbelievable! There are so many items that it would make this post extremely long. If you want the list, I can email it to you. Just leave your email in a comment. My only problem…how do you store the trash that will go into the compost pile? I found this on a website for twenty bucks to use as storage for kitchen scraps that eventually go to the pile outside.

I think I can make one of these instead of buying…whatcha think?


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