THE Birthday Party

We just returned from my future daughter-in-law’s fourth birthday party. R. and Frick stay with Ms. Annette together during the day. A marriage has been arranged for Frick and R. Yes, we live in the South and practice these archaic traditions. What can I say. 🙂 If you ask Frick who is girlfriend is, he will make sure you know it is this precious girl.

Off we went to Monkey Joes, one of those indoor-germ breeding- jumping places (we were the ones spreading the germs, I’m sure). Tons of fun! Frick took off and we pretty much didn’t see him again until pizza and cake time. Now, before you get yourselves in a tizzy, Big Papa was there, but flirting with an adorable 1 year old girl. I was with Frack and the high school aged kids who work there were watching the 3-4 year old party animals. Anyway, Frack about wore me slap out. He would not go on the equipment by himself. I had to go with him. I was a little concerned about the weight limit thing on the inflatables, but nothing deflated while I climbed around, so I guess it was OK. The teenaged kid working there told me he climbs around on it all the time. Yeah, that was not too comforting considering I weigh about twice this dude. He was a beanpole! I have CARRIED AND DELIVERED TWO CHILDREN! Whatever. I am still recovering from my illness last week, so I became winded QUICKLY. In the first picture, I am putting Frack down for a breather. The next picture shows me coughing up my lungs and Frack pitching a ROYAL fit because I was not making my way back to the slide.


We really had a great time. I will leave you with yet another cake shot…these boys love them some cake!



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  1. hyperactivelu
    Mar 21, 2008 @ 07:54:06

    Looks like y’all had fun! Bubbie and I love Monkey Joes! Hope y’all are doing okay and feeling better! We are fine… just shook up! The Lord really protected us today!

  2. Kate
    Mar 25, 2008 @ 00:58:13

    Two weeks ago I would’ve been like WTH is Monkey Joes??!? I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of the closest one TWO states away. And seriously considering (ok, maybe not THAT seriously, but a girl can dream) buying into the franchise and opening one myself. They’re pretty popular huh? I canNOT wait until the end of May for it to open. And I’ll be secretly wishing that SpiderMonkey will need me to go with him (and really hoping all the seams on the slide were freshly sewn!).

    Arranged marriage…hehe…we’ve got a few setup around here ourselves. Do they still trade goats or we talking like plasmas or something nowadays?

    I hope everyone gets rid of the sickies soon! We’ve been pretty lucky around here regarding illness this winter. Only one major croup scare (can u say respiratory distress? scary!), and KingKong is trying to get over the flu-y thing going around. He’s taking it harder than the kids did, I swear! Whiner. lol

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