Yeah, Cool!

As you know, I have been researching about bringing our children into Mass with us on Sunday mornings. I found another article that actually gave awesome pointers on this titled, “Avoiding Mass Hysteria“. Click this to read the article.

Onto the main reason for this post. Lately, Frick has been saying that everything is “so cool”. On the phone with Nini today, Frick was telling her about the swim meet we attended this morning. He said, “Yeah, Nini, it was so cool. When I get bigger, I’m gonna dive in the water, too!” Music to this Mama’s ears (former swimmer/coach). Yesterday, we played with Lu and Bubbie at the park. When I was getting the boys ready to go, I asked Frick if he wanted to see Bubbie at the park. “Yeah, Mama, cool.” I tried to get a picture of the three boys at the picnic table, but only two would cooperate (Bubbie and Frack). The boys were hot after our venture at the park, so I suggested ice cream from our local shop. His retort…yep, you guessed it…”Yeah, Mama! Ice cream is cool!”



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  1. hyperactivelu
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 02:23:58

    how cute! love the pic!

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