New Room Decor

  pict0273.jpg          pict0274.jpg          pict0275.jpg   As the boys grow, we have steadily tried to phase out the nursery stuff and replace it with more boyish decor.  Frick’s initial nursery theme was frogs by Brandee Danielle.  I ordered it from a overstock type site and got the quilt, sheet, dust ruffle, bumpers, pillow, and a lamp for a much cheaper price.  Now, before you all get upset, the bumpers were short lived and the pillow and quilt were for a glider chair.  Frick’s furniture came from a friend who sold us a changing table, a dresser, and a crib with the understanding that the crib would be given back.  God then blessed us with Frack when Frick was 6 months old.  So…we had to buy a new crib.  That crib stayed in our room until Frack was 9 months old.  Then we moved the boys together.  I love having them share a room!  Anyway, for the longest time there were 2 cribs in the room.  We moved Frick out of the crib when he was around three years old and into a car shaped toddler bed given to us by another friend. Frack remains in the crib.  I was given sports theme framed and matted pictures as well as two baseball theme shelves from the family of a former student.  The coolest thing of all is about two years ago, I bought 2 twin bed comforter sets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (click on the link to see) because I loved them.  Everything matches perfectly and will match perfectly when we move the boys to twin beds.  The only thing left to do is replace the frog lamp with a sports theme lamp.  Not bad for the kindness of friends and some bargain shopping!


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  1. hyperactivelu
    Feb 10, 2008 @ 13:01:18

    I love the new bedding. Chandler has a similar plaid quilt on his bed! I love it!

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