New Years Resolutions, Pt 2

Big Papa (BP) wrote his less that serious resolution as one of the first posts on this blog. It’s my opportunity to make a serious resolution. I resolve to be a better HOMEMAKER!!! As many of you know, I am taking a new job in the fall. I am leaving the public school system to teach in a private church preschool where my children will attend. New endeavor…totally scared. Anyway, I need to get organized and on a schedule. Hence the two new add-ons to the blogroll. They have me thinking already! Home Ec 101 has a little section on the right with a daily chore list. I am totally going to use it! My house will be CLEAN! Can you stand it, Mom??? I am sure my family has actually stopped breathing right now. 🙂 My house is always clean on the surface. It’s what lurks below the facade that is frightening. The other site I added it the Organized Junkie site. I need to be better organized. My classroom is extremely organized, but home, for whatever reason, is not. Hopefully this will help. Here’s to the new year, my resolution, and how long it lasts!


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  1. hyperactivelu
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 19:58:15

    I hope you are able to keep with it! I think a clean and orderly home helps things. My Hubbie thinks I’m a tad bit too anal about things, but it just helps me if I’m not searching through junk to find shoes, etc. My house is the same way- it looks clean, but if you (and I do) started looking really closely, its gross!

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