Lately our three year old has been not sleeping well at night. Sometime around 12:00, he wakes up crying, screaming, or talking loudly in his sleep. At first, we pulled him into bed with us. Well, that got old, QUICK. Not only does he cry, scream, and talk, he thrashes, too! We don’t get any rest when he is with us. We stopped that practice. Now, when he wakes, one of us goes into the room to comfort, hug, and/or lay down in his teeny tiny car shaped toddler bed. I initially thought that it was too much TV. We cut back. Then one night he woke up screaming about “walking across a bridge in my Crocs (yes, he said that!) and I was flying a kite and I fell in the water.” That came from one of the books we read at night before bed, Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? (except the Crocs part). We stopped reading that particular book before bed. After he started crying last night, I stayed awake to listen to what he was saying in his sleep. This time he seemed to be thinking about the people at church and Sunday School because those are the names he kept repeating. I’m not going to stop attending church! I guess he is a thinker. His brain must never rest! Are some kids just like that? Will we ever sleep again? Or should I just go on and have the third baby while we’re already sleep deprived? HELP!!


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  1. hyperactivelu
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 20:00:10

    Oh brother. Bubbie will go through this every once in a while. His new thing to say is that he can’t sleep in his bed. Its too scary. I think this is a constant struggle and NO! (unless you want to!!) don’t have a newborn…. They aren’t as easy to keep asleep as a 3 yr old… at least to me! I’d rather deal with the 3 yr old than a newborn!!! Probably because you can always turn on Noggin and keep sleeping… a newborn needs a little bit more attention!!!!!! 🙂

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