Our Favorite Time of Year!



Go Tigers!!

We spent the day with Auntie B and Uncle S watching Clemson in the garage.

We kept playing and hanging out into the evening while watching UGA play Carolina

and the pick up game of football the 15+ kids were playing in the back yard.


Photo Dump/Catch Up Post

All I can say is…life got in the way.  And in a good way!

To catch you up with the shenanigans of Frick, Frack, and Frog, I have compiled our favorite pictures from the last six months.

Or possibly more.

So…Let’s start with Frog’s first trip to the dentist!


photo-11 copy

He did great and allowed the dental hygienist to do her thing to an extent.

At one point, she asked him if he would open his mouth so she could count his teeth and he promptly said, “No.”

After some convincing, he did it and all was well.


Then, it was a trip to Legoland in Atlanta for Frack’s 7th birthday.

photo-11 copy 4


The boys received new mattresses and had an impromptu jumping session on the old ones:


A perfect sendoff for old mattresses.

And tons of boy fun.


photo-12 copy

Slides are fun, but crazy hair is even better.


Baseball season found us camping out at the ballpark 4 nights out of the week and often on Saturdays for practice.

Frick and Frack had great seasons and love the game.

Both received game balls twice.

Frick’s team won the tournament at the end of the season…a come from behind win.  He had an awesome tournament streak  after a midseason slump.  Frick ended up getting the game ball at the Championship game.

I cried.  Lots.

photo-12 copy 2

photo-12 copy 5


Frog has a habit of falling asleep at random times.  I love sleeping kid pics, so I had to include this:

photo-12 copy 3

He’s my sleeper…he still naps two hours each day, goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 8 in the morning.

Plus these random naps, this guy has it made in the shade.


photo-12 copy 4


That’s what I told Frick to tell Cocky when we saw him at a Touch a Truck event in Columbia.

I’m guessing Cocky wasn’t a fan of that.


Frick made his First Holy Eucharist this May:

photo-13 copy

He was so excited to make this sacrament and we were so proud.

Frack did all he could to hold in his energy over three hours.  At the time of this picture being taken, he had enough. :)

We were to have a big party at our house afterwards, but as luck would have it, Frog ran a 103 degree fever for two days.


Party moved to another location.


June was busy with swim team meets and practices.

July brought our annual beach trip to Hilton Head Island.

photo-13 copy 6

Nini and Frog had a blast swinging together.

One minute, Frog is happy and having a blast.

photo-13 copy 5

The next minute, he’s Mr. Pouty.

photo-13 copy 4

Frog is quite the moody one.

He takes after me.


The boys LOVED the ocean, boogie boarding, and jumping waves.

photo-13 copy 3

That brings us up to present day…

We’re trying to enjoy the rest of our summer before school starts up again.

Ash Wednesday + Kids + Mass = Always Interesting

This evening, we attended our parish’s Ash Wednesday Mass.

BP was to go with us, but unfortunately, he was in bed and sick, sick, sick.

The Mommy Show was on.

Frack led us straight to the very front row, which actually helps the boys pay a bit more attention.

As I genuflected and crossed myself, I said a desperate silent prayer that  these lively, precious boys would behave, pray and be non-squirmy in that very front row, with the congregation behind us.

Each boy knelt with their hands folded and angelic faces looking to the crucifix.

Frog was most precious in this pose.

After his prayer, he did his version of the sign of the cross.

So cute.

During communion, Frog was transfixed.

In the front row at our church, you must sit in your seat and not kneel after receiving The Eucharist, as people are receiving the sacrament right in front of you.

So there sat Frog watching all the people walk by and take communion.

And then he pipes up,

“Hey!  Hey guy!” (he was referring to the Eucharistic Minister) “I want some!”

I gently whisper to him that he must make the sacrament and will when he is 8.


Moments pass.

“Ok.  I 8 now.  Gimme some.”


The boys were perfect.  And pious.  And especially precious.

What a sight it is to see your child looking to God in the most reverent way with his hands folded.

I may have teared up a little.


Sweet Boy

Unseasonably warm weather calls for outside play.

This little one enjoyed the swings the most:


A full day of swinging leads to an impromptu nap on the couch just before dinner:


Gotta love the sunshine. :)

A Frog Update

While reading those precious blog books,

I realized my life has become so very busy and I am not as good at writing down the things the boys are doing.

 I love reading back over our lives, remembering each post as if I wrote it yesterday.

I have not written solely on Frog in some time other than his third birthday.

He’s growing up fast, building his vocabulary and has matured so much.

It’s due time to catch you up on our “little” Frog.

photo copy 4

He is a funny, loving guy .

Some Frog-isms include:

*(while putting his hands on your face) “Ahhh…I wuv you too!” –and that is said even without my saying “I love you” to him.

**”Wet’s hug kiss Mom!” or “I need hug kiss!!”

**”Mom, I need sicky cup from frig-ig-ger”

**”I need hug kiss my boys!” (He is referring to his brothers, and sometimes he says “my guys”.  That collective term often includes me as well.)

**”Mom.  You da pwincess.  I da good guy.  I save you.”

**”C’I have a awful?”  (Can I have a waffle?)

**”I go to school to see my fwends?”

**When Frog wakes at any point either in the morning or after nap, he calls out, “He-wo!  I here!!!  Come get me!!”  He’s in a toddler bed where he can get out by himself yet he still calls out to us.

**He sings all.the.time.  He also loves to dance.  Anytime a song comes on that he recognizes, he proclaims, “My SONG!!  It’s my SONG!!”  Then he dances and sings along.  I keep trying to catch him on video, but I am usually driving when it occurs.  Filming that guy while driving is not such a grand idea.

**He loves cars, Legos and Star Wars.  He skipped over toddler toys–he had no interest in Thomas the Train (which was big for his brothers) and went straight into “his boys” or “his guys” interests.  It was bitter sweet to skip that stage of toddlerhood, but I suppose that’s all part of the game when you have older ones at home.

He’s pretty much into anything Frick and Frack have in their hands.

With a dash of potty humor and a smidgen of wrestling.

Summer 2012

I thought a summer wrap up post would be best for updating the blog, seeing as how I have neglected it so.

School starts this week for me and on the 20th for the boys.

Both Frick and Frack are headed to my public school this year.

Frick will be in second grade and Frack will be in first.



The majority of pictures in this post are of Frog and are small.

I didn’t plan it that way, but considering his brothers have waaaay more pictures on here than he does,

I figured it’s all good.

 As far as the small size of the pictures…well, all I can figure out is it’s the way they are uploaded.  I tried to make them bigger, but the pixels became wacky.  So small it is.  My apologies.

This summer, we:

…got fat lips

and strep throat.

That was fun.

  …went to a children’s museum a bit away from us:

…picked up Dad from the airport when he returned from a few of his multiple business trips taken in June and July.

That’s us waiting at the gate for him.

…played in our “Kid Wash” that BP made straight from Pinterest.

….swam on a swim team and dropped all of our times.  In fact, one meet in particular offered tshirts as heat winner prizes.  BOTH boys received a tshirt and killed their times by 30+ seconds.

That’s huge.

…went to the beach again with the family.  Frack managed to get strep throat and had to be quarantined just about the whole trip.  On the way home to see our doctor, Frog threw up 4 times in the car and Frick did a sympathy puke.

Good times.

I’ll leave you with this last picture of Frog.

He’s become VERY attached to two blankets and a paci he’s slept with since birth.

Each night when he’s ready for bed, he goes and gets those items.

It’s our clue to get him to bed.

Have you ever heard of such cuteness?

Rainy Day Fun

Frick and Frack had swim practice this morning.

It was raining, and Frog had tons of fun slashing in the puddles.


And happy.

And precious.

“Kid Wash”

BP built this for the boys today:

They’ve had lots of fun running and riding bikes and scooters through their very own Kid Wash.

I can’t think of a better way to usher in summer.

This may just be our method of bathing these next few months.

Mother’s Day 2012

Breakfast and cuddles in bed,

handmade gifts from adorable children,

including this precious lollipop corsage made by Frack,

and pictures with my boys on the porch before Mass.

What a great day!

Busy Doesn’t Even Describe It.

So where have we been?

Well, we’ve….

waited patiently for Daddy’s plane to arrive at the airport after a week long business trip.

That was the week The Mommy Show was running again–or shall I say I was running to and fro with the boys–AHEM.


…been playing lots of baseball (Frick is the catcher).

Two boys on two different teams and two different fields that happen to be on opposite sides of the park is LOTS of fun.

And we’ve….

…been busy getting shiners on our eye at birthday parties.

Just a little catch up post to let you know we are, in fact, still around.


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