Our Favorite Time of Year!



Go Tigers!!

We spent the day with Auntie B and Uncle S watching Clemson in the garage.

We kept playing and hanging out into the evening while watching UGA play Carolina

and the pick up game of football the 15+ kids were playing in the back yard.


The One Where There Are a Bazillion Pictures Because I Haven’t Posted in Months.

Life is fast and furious!

The last time I posted, I had to sum up the summer.

Now I have to sum up the beginning of the school year.

It’s November for Pete’s sake!!



We’ve been busy in school!

Frack is in first grade and Frick is in second.

I love the reflectors doing their job and doing it well with the flash of my camera.

These boys are at my school with me and I LOVE having them there.


We’ve been busy taking naps in the car because someone wants to begin giving it up.

Sorry, but Mom ain’t having it, Frog.

However we did give up the beloved paci on October 29.


We’ve been busy losing teeth!!

Frack is missing two and Frick is missing 4.

We keep the Tooth Fairy in business around here.


Halloween was bittersweet.

Frick was sick with a 103 degree fever, caused by strep throat.  He unfortunately was not feeling up to trick or treating.

We did get a pose from him as Pajama Man with the rest of the family, as he was coasting on his Motrin high.

And his Mom is a rockstar because she filled his bucket to the brim with candy for her him.


Frog turned three on November 5th.  Three.


Doesn’t it seem like he was just born?!


We’ve spent some time at Clemson watching our beloved Tigers play.

Each time Frog sees the Tigers on TV or in a book he says,

“Ooooo!!  We went there!  Wet’s go back!!”


The Posse went with me to vote.

These are their intimidation faces:



And today is Frick’s 8th birthday!

He started off the day on the school’s news program with a Birthday Book we bought for him through the school library.

What  a post!

Hopefully, it won’t be three months before I update again.

Myrtle Beach 2011

We trucked it to Myrtle for a quick getaway with Uncle B, Aunt D, and the kids.

The weather?  Perfect–in the 70s.

The pools?  Heated.

The beach?  Awesome.  No sweating whatsoever.

A far cry from our July Hilton Head trips.

Our time with family?  Priceless.

And Clemson won in a nail biter, too.

I haven’t mentioned that Clemson is 7-0 this season.  What unfamiliar and exciting territory we roam!!

Some pictures of my growing boys and nephews:


Just Hangin' Out with Frick

80s Cover Album

The Whole Boy Band

We missed you Nini and Pops!

Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom to Boys


Motherhood throws you for a loop.  I still fret over the smallest of issues and baby Frog is my third child.  I have joked with the boys’ pediatrician many times since Frog was born about still feeling like a first time mom.  I don’t think that feeling ever goes away, regardless of the number of children you have.

I was eating lunch with some friends a couple of weeks ago.  All are or will be moms to all boy clans.  Our conversation was wildly entertaining about motherhood and the antics of our children.  Listed below are some of the finer points we covered.

Since school has/is started(ing), the teacher in me is currently demanding these valuable nuggets in a list format:

1.  People are going to say stupid stuff to you while you are pregnant.  Really stupid stuff. You know the comments…“Oh wow. You have really gotten big.” Gee thanks.  “Don’t you know how to stop having kids?  You will never have a girl anyway.” Is it any business of yours how many children I have?  And my personal favorite (insert sarcasm HERE) “Another boy?  You sure are going to have your hands full.” DUH.  Now leave me alone with my chocolate.

2.  It’s OK to ask for help. And I don’t just mean asking someone to cook you dinner.  Although, that would be great.  By the way, this one goes for moms of boys and girls.  I seemed to sail through postpartum with my first.  After having #2, I felt as if I was drowning.  I have never been in a place so dark and isolating, yet I was anything but alone with my supportive family all around me.  I was a victim to postpartum depression and it’s NOT FUN.   If you ever feel this way, don’t be ashamed.  It’s not worth it in the long run.  Get the help you need.  Your kids and husband will thank you.

3.  Having all boys automatically earns you a special place in heaven. God said so.  Ok, maybe that was only in a dream I had, but who else deserves one than a mom of all boys?  I mean, c’mon.  Only the strong can survive the constant wrestling, growling, and bodily functions.  For realz.

4.  Children make you plan for the future. Think about it.  When else do you get your junk together as far as your will, pick out godparents, and start saving for college educations?  Not to mention the hopes and dreams for great daughters in law and  adorable grandDAUGHTERS.  I need to dress SOMEONE in pink.

5.  It’s an excuse to watch more sports. This one may only apply to me, seeing as how I actually taught my husband everything he knows about the sport of hockey (Let’s Go Pens!).  I seriously go into withdrawals when I cannot attend Clemson games or watch Steeler games on TV.  Thanks to my dad, Pops, for instilling this love of sports in me.  My husband thanks you, too.

Life has changed so much since welcoming three sons.

And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Good Sport

One of my coworkers bought Frog a University of South Carolina Gamecock onesie.

She just knew he would be so very handsome in it.

I think we ALL know that Frog would be handsome in ANYTHING.

But Frog was not happy about wearing the USC onesie.

He told me he would rather wear a Clemson one.


Actually, this guy isn’t particular about his clothes and, believe it or not, I didn’t mind him wearing it.

He’s just going to spit up on whatever he has on anyway.

I love my Gamecock friends…

…but I must stay true to my alma mater…

Go Tigers!

Something to Smile About

*BP has been sick all weekend.  It’s never fun when your husband is sick.

*Frick and Frack have been wild, seeming to know that mom was performing zone defense by herself all weekend.

*Clemson lost to in-state rival USC.  I knew it was going to be a bad outcome when Frog spit up on his Clemson outfit, not once, but twice.

But then sweet baby Frog SMILED a sweet, gummy smile at me–as if to say,

“Who cares if the Tigers lost!!  I love you, Mom!”

It was a fast smile and the third official time he has done it in waking hours.

I have been afraid to call the others REAL, non-gas or sleep induced smiles.

And that one smile erased the bad almost immediately.

We must look forward to next weekend…

The city’s Christmas Parade will be passing by the front of our house again as we tailgate


Clemson has a rematch with Georgia Tech for the ACC championship game.

Go Tigers!

PLEASE win this one for me, mkay?

History Repeats Itself?

November 6, 2004

Clemson played at #8 Miami.

That night, a very pregnant me went in to labor with Frick after the Tigers beat the Hurricanes in overtime.



my Tigers played at #10 Miami

and beat the Hurricanes in overtime.

This time I was ready to knock the teeth out of the bartender at Chili’s because he turned the channel just before overtime started.


She might go into labor!

tiger paw


Am I Crazy?

Frack and I took a road trip to Tiger Town (aka Clemson, SC) for the football game this weekend–just the two of us.

Frack cheered.

He chanted C-L-E-M-S-O-N with the crowd.

He booed when the men behind us booed at bad calls.

And he actually repeated some of the not-so-nice words the men were screaming at the referees.  Nice, huh?

But the jury is still out on whether I am:

a) a very brave mother who loves sports.

(For Pete’s sake…I did take my kids to Pittsburgh, PA for Steeler Training Camp not too long ago– also without BP.)

b) a cRaZy woman with nothing better to do.

(What woman in her 8th month of pregnancy would take a 3 year old to a football game when thunderstorms are forecasted for the entire day?!?)

c) longing for the good old college days.

(It’s true.  I do miss those days.)

But nothing compares to seeing the joy on your child’s face as he participates in the traditions of your alma mater, even if they lose the game.  In the POURING rain.

tiger paw

One of the Many Reasons….

…why I am proud to be a Clemson Tiger.

Clemson played Boston College last weekend in one of the LONGEST games ever because of two thunderstorm delays.  The Tigers ended up winning the game, but also won over some BC fans.

Mark Herzlich is a senior BC linebacker who is sidelined this fall because he is recovering from cancer.

His dad wrote this letter to Clemson University:

Dear Clemson Fans:

First – My son is Mark Herzlich, the BC linebacker recovering from Cancer. The entire Tiger Nation should be proud of the complete class your entire program carries itself with. I wear a copy of Mark’s jersey to games and I lost track of the number of Clemson fans who approached me to wish him well and to say that they were praying for him. These are people who don’t know me, don’t know Mark and have little reason to even be aware of his situation yet were both aware and involved enough to say some kind words. Thank you.

Second, for those who missed it, prior to the game Coach Swinney presented Mark with a Clemson jersey signed by the whole team with Mark’s #94 on it. I’ve never seen such an outstanding and unsolicited display of sportsmanship.

Finally, throughout the weekend the major topic of conversation outside football was the graciousness of the Clemson fan base. All of us commented on how welcoming everyone was, both before and after the game. I’ve been to Clemson before and interacted with Clemson fans in Boston so I wasn’t surprised any more but I was glad to see my friends get the message too. There was absolutely no lack of support or fanaticism for Clemson football but it was all wrapped up in an understanding that competing doesn’t mean hating, that you need an opponent to play a game and that there’s a difference between an opponent and an enemy. My younger son, who’s used to the whole us versus them attitude in a lot of fan bases turned to me at one point and said, “you just can’t hate these guys!”

Clemson continues to be my favorite road trip. I always root for Boston College to go undefeated and win the ACC, but in the years that it can’t be us, I hope it’s you.

If you’re going to be a bear – be a grizzly!

-Sandon Herzlich

tiger paw

What To Watch Tonight

tiger paw



Even better…

…simultaneous viewing!

BP has our living room set up with the Steelers on the TV

and Clemson on the big screen via laptop/projector.

I love my tech-y husband.

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